How to look for student summer job

Whether it’s just looking for some spending cash between years at high school, or earning tuition money for college, the time to start finding summer employment is now. But first, the savvy job hunter knows to be prepared.

Update the Resume

A student has to work harder to prove his/her worthiness for any employment, as often the lack of experience is seen as a detriment. The first step for any student looking for summer employment is to create or update a resume. The resume needs to show accomplishments, but the most important aspect to show is reliability and trustworthiness. And it’s not good enough to just put words down – back it up with examples.

Reliable – only missed x days during semester; consistently helped preparations for home room class or art class. Was trusted to lead outdoor running or archery calls. Create a summary skills section and put these accomplishments in it, or consider putting this on a separate sheet.

This area is not to show off work experience, but life experience and personal accomplishments as it might relate to a work environment. Driving a little brother to karate class and bringing him home counts as being reliable, as does making a dinner once a month or more for the family.

Always update with any other jobs, even if it was casual labor such as shoveling snow off the neighbor’s driveway. Don’t forget to list all volunteer work, even if it was mandatory for the school.

Now print/copy off a bunch of resumes, to prepare for the next step.

Decide on a Route and Go There in Person

Retail stores are the best bet for summer employment. Go to the mall with the resumes, and check out which stores are looking for help. Apply there, and ask if the manager might consider doing a quick interview right on the spot. Don’t overlook the large chains or the small independent. Everyone gets some sort of summer vacation, which is where the student looking for summer employment can really help.

It often helps to think out a route first. If there are the box store malls nearby, try those as well as the local strip mall or plaza. Grocery stores need help stocking and often want night staff. This is a great way to gain experience that during the school year is off limits. Don’t worry if there is no “help wanted” sign in a window. If there’s a place that might be suitable, try it.

Don’t forget about the food industry. There’s the coffee shops, restaurants and pizza joints, all needing summer staff. Also local beaches will need wait staff and cleaners, as well as trained lifeguards. There’s also taking care of the neighborhood kids when camp is not available.

Do NOT call about a job; get out there and get the job!

Attitude is more Important Than Experience

The most important aspect of finding a summer job is attitude. Keep a smile on your face and in your eyes, be pleasant and polite no matter how bad the situation might be or how rude it might become. Clothes must be neat and clean, as should the hair and body. Stay away from perfumes or heavy body scents.

If working indoors is not desirable, try contacting landscaping places. Often summer camps are looking for cook and wait staff too, so consider contacting that area as well.

By being persistent, and armed with resume and summary skill set, the summer job can be obtained.

Emphasize Your Experience and Skills

Your strategy should be to emphasize your experience and skills in a clear and concise manner. It is important that you understand that your resume is also an example of your communication and organizational skills. Your resume should indicate your educational attainment, previous employment experience, the skills you learned and don’t be afraid to include all your achievements thus far. It is no secret that having a good resume will give you a higher chance of getting hired.

One thing to keep in mind when organizing the document is to make sure that you check that there are no spelling errors in your document. Also, understand that a resume has a specific format which you can emulate by looking it up on google or on government employment websites.

Dress Conservatively

Before you go off and hand out your resume at places you would like to work, there are a few things you should do. First, choose the clothes you are planning to wear carefully. Remember to dress conservatively and make sure your look blends in and doesn’t attract unwanted attention.

Looking for Work Online

Secondly, go online and look up your local mall’s website as well as other websites such as your city’s website to see is they are posting employment opportunities.

Summer Jobs Can Become Part-Time Jobs
Most summer jobs can become part-time jobs during the school year for many individuals looking to work 10 to 15 hours a week.

Look for a Company That Promotes

When searching for a job, look for a company that promotes from within and has the structure to provide opportunities for career advances to talented and hard-working employees. This is important because being promoted to a supervisor or management position is a good learning experience and will prepare you for the competition that you will encounter in your future profession.

The Ideal Job

It’s important to be patient, finding the ideal job often takes a lot of research and patience. First of all, one of the first places to start is by talking to family and friends who might work for companies that are presently hiring. If that doesn’t help, then you might want to keep looking online and in the local newspaper under the classified ads to see if there are any job postings. You should hand in your resume at the places you want to work even if they are not presently hiring. Finally, attending job fairs held at colleges or conventions might provide leads to job openings

Be Confident at the Interview

The final step that you will encounter in the hiring process is the interview. When you are called in for a one on one with the manager or boss of the business, you should feel confident because you are prepared. You already have a detailed list of your skills and experiences thanks to the resume you prepared. You have dressed appropriately and you have researched the job by going online and discovering what kind of work place best suits you.

Review of Steps to Finding that Summer Job

Remember to double check your resume because its the first and most important step to getting that summer job. Emphasize your experiences and skills in the resume. If you need help, you can always consult a parent or a school councilor about putting a resume together. Dont forget to dress conservatively for any interview or if your handing out your resume to potential employers. You should look for wok online at company websites or governmental websites, you should ask around for any potential job openings. Lastly, be self-assured when you`re at an interview for a job. Employers look for honest, straight forward employees.


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