How To Root BlueStacks 3 (2019 Updated Guide)

Root BlueStacks 3


How to root bluestacks 3 : Do you want to get the most out of your BlueStacks 3? What you should do is root BlueStacks 3 to unlock more features like full access to Google Play Store and installing apps that require root permission. If you are up for it, we will teach you how to do it.


How to Root Bluestacks 3

Rooting on Android has been around for years now. It has been the necessities for those people who want to unlock some of their device’s full potential. But for most reasons, to make full use of some apps that require root permission. BlueStacks has some limitations as well. Basically, the app player does not have full access to the Google Play Store. So unless you root this Android emulator, you will be enjoying its native App Center library of apps and games.And if you want to modify some stuff like BlueStacks core files or install apps that can add features to the emulator, the rooted version helps unlock it. So let’s start the tutorial. Download Bluestacks 3 by using bellow red button.


how to root bluestacks 3


Below we will look at some list of Requirement to root Bluestacks3

• BlueStacks 3

• BlueStacks Tweaker 5

• SuperSU v2.79 (included in the BSTweaker 5 package)


Guide - How to Root BlueStacks 3

1. The first thing to do is launch BlueStacks 3. Then open the App Center.

2. Search for the Root Checker and install it.

3. Once done with the installation, open the app.

4. Click on Verify Root. It should show that the BlueStacks is not yet rooted.

5. Now close the Root Checker and go to the downloaded BSTweaker 5.

6. Unzip the BSTweaker 5. You should see the BlueStacks Tweaker 5 file.

7. Double-click on it to open along with the running BlueStacks 3.

8. On the BSTweaker top right corner, you should see the green signal next to BlueStacks. If it is red, just restart the BlueStacks 3.

9. When it is green, go to the Main tab and click on the Full Stop BS.

10. Wait for a few seconds until the BlueStacks 3 emulator closes.

11. Now go to the Helpers tab and click on Unlock button.

12. Relaunch BlueStacks 3 and wait for the Patch button to activate.

13. When the Android emulator fully launches, click on the Patch button below the Helpers tab.

14. Now go to the BlueStacks 3 and open Root Checker again.

15. Click on the Verify Root button, and it should now show that the app player is finally rooted.



Refer Our screenshots - How to root Bluestacks 3


Guide to Install SuperSU

Now, having the BlueStacks 3 rooted does not mean that it can now grant root access to any app that requires it. The root process is not yet complete without the SuperSU. This app will be the one to grant root access to any app that requires it. Here is how to install the SuperSU app.

1. Again, go to the BSTweaker 5 extracted folder and open the Utils folder.

2. Inside it, you will find the SuperSU v2.79.

3. Adjust the size of the folder for you to be able to drag the app to the BlueStacks main interface.

4. It should automatically install the app.

5. Launch the SuperSU.

6. Click on the Expert button.

7. When the SuperSU asks for an update, click on the Continue button.

8. On the next window, click on the Normal button.

9. And finally, when the installation prompts success and asks to reboot, just click on OK.

10. Close SuperSU and go to System App.

11. You should now see the Google Play Store. Open it.

12. On the Play Store’s search bar, type SuperSU and confirm.

13. Click on the Update button. When it finishes, close the Play Store.

14. Back to My Apps, open the SuperSU icon again.

15. The app will ask again about an update, click on the Continue button.

16. On the next window, click on the Normal button.

17. When the app prompts for the installation success, click on OK.

18. Close the SuperSU app, and that’s it. You are done.

Every app that has an extra feature for rooted devices will ask for the root permission. You may grant or deny the app using the SuperSU command.



Refer Our screenshots to Install superSU.


Final Words

How to root bluestacks 3 : Having root feature does not mean that you will grant all the apps that request its permission. Be careful with some apps as there are those that have malware injected with them. And having root also gives them the privilege to access all your private information that you stored inside the BlueStacks system.We hope that you followed the guide with every step that we made it for you. It’s the only way that you will successfully root this Android emulator.If you have other questions, feel free to leave your messages in the comment section below. We will try to answer all of them as much as we can.

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