How to Write Cold Email That Works By Using Prospect Personas

How to Write Cold Email By Using Prospect Personas


Cold email has a reputation for being tricky, very tricky. And in many ways it is. You have to find the right prospects, choose the right email address and the right email provider. You need to craft the right copy and learn how to avoid those dreaded spam filters. Cold emailing isn’t easy, and learning how to write cold email that gets results is even harder, but once you get it right it can be one of the best lead generation techniques you can make use of.

Crafting the right copy is one of the places many would be cold emailers get really stuck. Writing to strangers can be just as hard as talking to strangers. One of the ways you can make it easier is by learning how to develop a prospect persona for them.

How to Write Cold Email

How to Write Cold Email

What is a Prospect Persona?

A prospect persona is an extension of the concept of the buyer persona strategy that has been used by marketers and advertisers for years. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. So a prospect persona is the profile of your ideal lead created in a very similar way.


Creating a Prospect Persona

To create a prospect persona, you need to know at least a little bit about some of the following:

Their Role at work: What does their job consist of? Business hours? Availability? Typical characteristics?

Their Business: What industry do they work in? Size? Revenue? Local or international? What’s the business culture like?

Their Objectives: What do they aim to achieve in their job? How is their ‘success’ measured?

Their Challenges/Problems: What are their main challenges at work? What are their sources of pressure? How do they react to being interrupted by phone/email? Are they always crunched for time?

Their State of Mind: Gender, age, education? What is their personality type? Are they more interested in concrete, short-term solutions or looking at the big picture?

All of this information will let you start painting a picture of your prospect personas. After all, you need to have an idea of the type of person you’re writing to in order to make your messages – and offerings – as relevant and attention-grabbing as possible.


Finding Leads That Fit Your Prospect Personas

Once you have established your cold email prospect personas – which really will add a lot more structure and clarity to your whole process – you need to begin looking for people who will fit them. But where? Here are just a few great sources:


LinkedIn is the number one social network for business professionals. And that’s not just marketing hype on the part of the company, that’s actual fact. While they may use other social networks for personal purposes almost every heavy hitter in the business world will tell you LinkedIn is the place they get serious.

This does mean that you can discover a lot about people from their LinkedIn profile and many of your persona building questions will be answered there. Enter a few target keywords in the people search, keywords relating to your prospect personas. See who comes up and then start reading.

Don’t just stop at looking through their main profile statement. Take a look at what they share, and at any content, they may have created there (Linkedin content creation is bigger than ever right now) This material will usually paint an even clearer picture of who these people are and if they might be ripe for targeting with a good cold email.



Quora – if you have never really used it – is a question and answer website that actually has some rather stellar contributors. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Justin Trudeau, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Mark Zuckerberg are all Quorans. And there are a lot of thought leaders and business bigwigs too.

Checking for people who fit your prospect persona there can tell you even more about these people as individuals and about their opinions. Again, this is a little extra work, but it will help you target the right people in a far more effective way.

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