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Importance of Technology


Importance of Technology – 21st century has brought a complete overhaul in the way of life for almost all people on the face of Earth. The previous century brought in a breakthrough in the fields of technology and science.  The change has been rapid, mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time. People have moved on from black and white photography to motion pictures and now three dimensional movies.

Wars fought with swords and shields are now only in the history books and seems like a tiny problem to deal with when compared to the weaponry used today. The application of science to make life easier for all the people is simply referred to as technology or the engineering.  Those who deal with development and Importance of technology are known as engineers. Engineering has become a very popular field for high school graduates to pursue because of its high scope and application.

The contribution of artificial intelligence in healthcare has also been recognized in the past years. Surgical robots and new medicines helped in the improvement of services on hospitals and health care centers.


importance of technology


A Bird’s Eye View on Technology

Technology exists everywhere. In the present context the word technology ignites an image of computers and machinery, but technology is a word which sheds light on a bigger picture. From the log of wood that rolled down from the mountain top which led to the modern day wheels and the microprocessor smaller than a fingernail; all of them are scientific marvels that falls under the bracket of ‘technology’. From the days when the development of technology depended on humans, humans now highly rely on technology for their development.  Gadgets getting smarter every day, now an idea proposed where machines can learn and think like human beings. The intriguing concept of artificial intelligence.

What’s Our Role?

Developing technology is the fundamental aspect. This requires technical knowledge and skill. High school students can pursue their Engineering degree from India, which promises quality education for the students to gain the knowledge as well as practical application to hone their skills. Best Engineering Colleges in TamilNadu provide attractive opportunities for students to apply for the degree.

importance of technology 3Certification from a recognised university is regarded highly by all companies and institutions keen to provide a good platform for the students to experiment and learn. Students can apply for various institutions through regional as well national entrance examinations. OJEE 2018 enables students to apply for top engineering colleges in Orissa, India. In this era of technology rule, it is important for everyone to keep up with the advancements, discoveries and also how to operate them to obtain productive and community helpful output. This leads to the relevance and importance of Technology  & computer education. Computer education is a vital cog and often seen as a basic requirement for people to apply for most of the jobs, as they utilise these smart machines in every field. A computer engineer needs to be well versed in coding and programming, an Electronics engineer on electronic circuits and their working and so on. It is important that we utilise our knowledge and capabilities to the maximum to yield discoveries and modify pre-existing ones to maximise the development of our society.


The Good and the Bad

Like everything in this world, every idea is a two sided coin. Nothing exists which gift only benefits; everything has its own pros and cons. The very same technology which helps people travel in cars automatically operated can initiate wars and kill humans if it feels so. Technology is like the ocean. Beautiful, calm and serene at close ranges, but as you go deeper it is full of unpredictability and danger. If fallen into the wrong hands, technology can be highly destructive and dangerous. Hence it is important that we exercise caution when involved, and make sure the output is for the betterment of ourselves and others around us.

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