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Influencer & Blogger Outreach tool – Secret Sauce To Your Brand’s Growth

Social media platforms have attracted billions of people from all around the world and with the rise in the success of social media marketing, many brands and business are taking advantage from it and are reaching to their target audience in a new way. But when you talk about social media, there are a lot of different ways of marketing your product and with the social media marketing getting diluted, one of the best ways to reach your audience is through influencer marketing which is also known as Blogger outreach.

The whole concept of Blogger outreach is that a brand or business looks to promote their product or service by using influencers of that niche who have a well-established social media following in exchange for money or free product or service.

The influencer then talks about the product in a video or writes about it on his or her social media platform and that way the brand gets the exposure. When you get into this type of influencer marketing you are actually helping the influencers create a bridge between them and brands and that way most of the influencer either praises your product/service or they give neutral views at worst. That is the reason why this type of marketing makes a lot of sense and can be really effective for your brand.

Benefits Of Influencer & Blogger Outreach tool

  • It gives you additional content which is written in your favor.
  • When you engage in blogger outreach you receive a lot of high quality backlinks, in fact, many people get into blogger outreach because of this.
  • It helps you create brand awareness and that is a very important factor that will help you grow your business.
  • It is very budget friendly, especially for startups who cannot reach a bigger audience. Influencer marketing helps them reach more people at a suitable price.
  • Influencer marketing is word of mouth marketing and this type of advertising has achieved a lot of success over the years.
  • It can also help you to introduce your brand or its services or products into a fresh market.
  • The view provided by bloggers in blogger outreaching are generally unbiased to people and that is why you gain the trust of the target audience through it.

Let’s take a look at one of the best tool available for easy & scalable influencer & blogger outreach.

Ninja Outreach – Best Blogger Outreach Tool

As much as blogger outreach sounds a fun and interesting thing to do, at times it could be very hard to manage whether you are doing it for yourself or your clients and it can be a headache as well. So, to make this easy for you there are a number of blogger outreach tools available out there which can help you reduce your stress work by making things easy for you. The best among those influencer marketing tools is NinjaOutreach.

NinjaOutreach claims to be best because it is designed specifically for blogger outreach. The software helps entrepreneurs, bloggers or any other party trying to reach small businesses, agencies, influencers or other bloggers more conveniently, rapidly and efficiently. In a short, it is an all in one influencer outreach tool.

With the help of NinjaoOutreach, you can search for influencers and prospects of your niche and there are a lot of them you will find on ninja outreach as currently they have more than 25 million of them added to their database.

And not just that it also creates a contact list which contains the prospects and influencers. Ninja outreach site has an excellent live search in which you can type any keyword and search for the influencers of any niche in any country. The search shows you all the relevant influencers related to your keyword and shows detailed data for them form their name, description, social profile, SEO metrics, engagement data, and traffic.

Why NinjaOutreach Is The Best Tool?

Ninja outreach has a variety of features and it really gives you a new way of how to do blogger outreach. It lets you create helpful and handy templates and you can use it to customise your relationship with the prospects and the list can also be shared with clients or involved party. The template makes it easy for you to reach to the prospects with emails as it also gives you the luxury of automatic email outreach. You can also find out which templates have been generating the best response for you with the help of email statistics which also lets you know about what kind of group is more interested in what you have to say. It also has auto-fill contact forms and you also get a personal outreach inbox to keep in check with the influencers.

1. Connect With Instagram influencers

NinjaOutreach provides an easy platform to look for great Instagram influencers. Just type in any keyword and among 2 million profiles in their database, you can scrape out relevant to your niche and desire. You can also filter between bloggers, influencers, executives and companies.

2. Find Thousands Of Business leads

Just within a target keyword search, you can find thousands of journalists, companies, executives & influences in any niche. Further you can filter out any business or company and find relevant email address in that specific company, its that easy! There are 4 million leads currently in their database which is constantly growing.

3. Dig Out Twitter Giants

Any news or story can spread like a wild fire on Twitter. Why not take advantage of it? You can easily dig out influencers on Twitter through NinjaOutreach with a single search option. All Twitter profiles can be sorted by follower counts and additional insights like other social profiles and contact information can be found in front of every profile.

4. Email Templates

The templates are one of the key features of Ninja outreach and it really helps you improve your response rate by sending personalized messages of influencer outreach to your contacts. You can create these templates with the help of customized fields and this makes it very easy to send emails with relevant information in it.

5. Auto Email Outreach

This tool also helps you send customized HTML templates with the help of automatic outreach campaigns which saves you a lot of time. The word automatic is the focus here which means this app will save you a lot of time. You can also filter the emails in different categories i.e. sent, clicks, replies and opens as this will help you track the emails easily and makes outreach management easy for you.

6. Provides Statistics For The Email

With Ninja outreach, it is easy to track your email statistics as they are very important for you when it comes to managing influencers and content. These statistics provide you with the relevant and useful information which includes what prospects are most valuable to you and it determines open rates, reply rates, and click-through rates. You also get to know which template has been producing the best results for you.

7. Other Features

Other features includes notifications alert for emails which makes sure you never miss out any email.  Autofill contact forms, which helps you save time by filling and sending the contact form to the prospects in reach. And an in-app inbox which really helps you control clients and prospects emails without any inconvenience.

Conclusion – Ninja Outreach

As we can conclude from the above information that the biggest advantage of Ninja outreach is that it saves you tons of times by connecting you with influencers easily. This makes it a tool for everyone. The fact that you are being provided the whole influencer marketing on one site is quite extraordinary. You can use Ninja outreach as it is very affordable as well and on top of that to get started with the things the site offers you 14-day free trial. And with the guide that websites provides with video tutorials it makes it ultimate choice for you if you are going to indulge into influencer marketing.

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know in the comments below and I will be very happy to help. Happy outreaching!

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