ITL Phone Cleaner – Clean And Boost Your Android Device – App Review


The Play Store is literally filled with hundreds of speed booster apps like ITL Phone Cleaner that claim to increase the processing power of your Android device. Most say that they will boost up the performance of your smartphone by removing junk files and cache data.

ITL Phone Cleaner

But how many of such apps actually offer what they promises? Well, unfortunately only a handful. Today, we shall review ITL Phone Cleaner, one such speed booster app for android that has been making quite the hype on the Play Store of late.

ITL Phone Cleaner is an all-inclusive speed booster app for your Android phone. From deleting junk data, clearing device memory, managing apps to offering complete virus protection, this one does it all.

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Start With ITL Phone Cleaner – Best Android Optimizer App

ITL Phone Cleaner  is available for free on the Google Play Store and is compatible with majority of Android devices. To get it started, all you need is to download, install and run the app. ITL Phone Cleaner is lightweight and the UI seems awesome.

The home screen is divided into two major section. The first section displays the occupied storage and RAM used in percentage. The next offers a complete breakdown of all major features that the app contains. ITL Phone Cleaner in general frees up chunks of storage space by cleaning junk files and boosts device performance.

Note:You can navigate through all major features of the app by tapping on the respective module from the home screen.

While junk cleaner analyzes and cleans all junk files, phone booster terminates heavy background apps to boost device performance, social cleaner detects unwanted social media files and deletes them, battery saver extends battery life, duplicate photo remover offers options to delete similar looking photos and antivirus protects your device against threats in real-time.

In the top right, there’s a button marked Get Pro. By tapping on it, you can upgrade the app to the ads free virus protection version along with added benefits.

On the top left corner of the speed booster, there is an icon with three lines that displays the menu bar when tapped. It lets you navigate through additional options like Private Browsing Shortcut, 1-Tap Boost Shortcut and Notification Settings.

You can scroll down the home page for other features like Game Booster, App Manager, CPU Cooler and Large File Manager.

Basic features Of ITL Phone Cleaner App


  1. Junk Cleaner
  2. Phone Booster
  3. Social Cleaning
  4. Battery Saver
  5. Duplicate Photos
  6. Antivirus for Android

Junk Cleaner

If you had been looking for a tool to clean junk files from your smartphone after it became barely responsive, there’s a good chance that this module will do the trick for you and solve all your problems.Tap on Junk Cleaner and the application will scan all app cache, system cache, temp files, APK files and empty folders on your Android device. The next screen will display a list of junk files that requires cleaning. Tap on the green button at the bottom to free up junk instantly.

Phone Booster

This module will speed up your Android like never before. It offers a robust system that rigorously works to boost the entire memory of your smartphone.

ITL Phone Cleaner

There is a one-tap phone boost option on the home screen. What it does is it analyzes and scans your device for heavy apps running on the background and kills them. This frees up valuable storage space and your device’s performance is boosted (instantly) in the process.

Social Cleaning

Our life seems incomplete without social media today. ITL Phone Cleaner’s social cleaning is a simple yet effective inclusion for cleaning shared unnecessary files (images, videos and audio) cluttering up your disk space.

Note:It scans for all sent and received files on various social media platform and makes cleaning easier for you.

This module will let you delete all useless (duplicates, unnecessary, cache, etc.) files by producing a list for spaces that can be recovered. Simply tap on any category and delete whichever you feel like.

Battery Saver

Another awesome feature, this battery saver module for Android looks good and is quite easy to use. It brings a compilation of information (Battery Capacity, Temperature and Usage Time left) that could be used to improve your battery life.

ITL Phone Cleaner lets you create your own profile and customize high power consuming parameters according to your preferences. Turn battery saver mode on to stop your apps and extend your long battery life.

Duplicate Photos

One of the major reasons why your storage gets cluttered is because of excessive duplicate photos on your device. Since it is an extremely tedious task to delete such photos manually, we tend to procrastinate resulting in unhealthy disk space over time.

We especially are in huge favor of ITL Phone Cleaner’s duplicate photos removing feature as it is able to delete duplicate and similar looking photos within a few seconds. You can even choose the type of scan, sort images based on GPS defined location and customize matching level according to your will for advanced sorting.

Antivirus for Android

Owing to its massive popularity, the Android platform is most vulnerable to viruses, malware and other threats. Hence, your device should have an antivirus installed to keep its security intact.

The antivirus module make sure that your personal data is protected from potential threats at all times. It scans your device from viruses in real time and notifies whenever a threat is detected. However, you need to pay a small price and upgrade to the pro version to have those viruses fixed. You also get a white list feature for sorting apps you know are safe and avoid scanning to save time.


ITL Phone Cleaner is without any doubt one of the best speed booster app for Android we have come across on the Google Play Store.

It is possibly the most intuitive app that allows you to clean your junk files, cache data, duplicate images, social media clutter and free up additional storage space within a few seconds.The one-tap boost is what will make non tech savvy users to be easily able to navigate the application. If you’re looking for a simple yet reliable phone booster tool, this app is certainly worth your time.

We recommend you to download the best speed booster app (ITL Phone Cleaner) from the Play Store today!


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