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Long Battery Life


Long Battery Life: Android OS is awesome as we all know, but everyone getting problem due to the low battery life of android mobiles it occurs due to the unwanted programs runs behind. An intelligent battery saving approach can extend your Android smartphones long battery life. There are many ways to save android mobile battery, but I am providing you with the best 15 tips to Increase Long Battery life of your Android Mobile.

Smartphones are an essential part of most people these days. They provide information, route guidance and ways of staying connected with friends and family through messaging apps. But they face one single problem which can be pretty irritating at times. With usage, the batteries of smartphones juice out and it becomes urgent to get a fast charging car charger.


Long battery Life

Increase long battery life


15 Tips to Save Android Mobile Long Battery life:


1. Power Saving Mode
2. Standby Mode
3. Brightness
4. Network
5. Best Charger
6. Power Control
7. Sign Out Apps
8. Vibration Mode
9. Wifi,Gps,Bluetooth
10. Screen Time Out
11. Background Wallpaper
12. Notification
13. Unwanted Games
14. Android Device Cool
15. Phone cleaner Apps

1. Power Saving Mode:

Turn on the power saving mode when your battery is too low and the situation when you need your phone and at this time you don’t have a battery and charger.

  • Because of power saving mode, your phone might be a slow little bit but saves your mobile battery at the time of your need
  • Power saving mode stops the notification from social media and other applications until you open it.
  • It stops the background power consuming of android games and apps.

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2. Always Put Your Android Mobile On Standby Mode:

Putting your android device on standby mode when you are not using it is the best way to save your battery for your needs of mobile Now thing is that how to do this simply press the power button once and black screen comes on your Android mobile and To leave standby mode you must have to again press power button of your mobile once and unlock your android mobile for using.

3. Brightness:

Adjusting display brightness at something lower can hugely boost the battery life.

Settings –> Display –> Brightness, where you can manually lower the brightness or go for automatic brightness feature.

  • If you reduce the brightness of android device it will harder for you to use mobile in outside or in the daylight but it gives benefit to your battery time.
  • Now if you are using already standby mode of your mobile device then this mode automatically reduce your android device brightness.


4. Power Control:

Use the Power Control widget that comes with your Android phone to easily control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Brightness right from your home screen.


5. Network:

Use 2G network only when you don’t require 3G.

To do so, follow Settings > Wireless and networks >Mobile networks > Network mode

You can still use the EDGE network data and Wi-Fi features if needed.


6. Best Charger:

It can be a big problem especially when you are outside, travelling in a car. Travelling in cars often involves using GPS and navigation apps for route guidance and due to the power-hungry nature of those apps, the battery levels can dip low in very less time. Fast Charging Car Charger is devices which use the power outlet in cars for providing a way of charging smartphones and tablets and wearable devices during travelling without the need of a wall power socket.

The best way to increase your battery life is only by using the best battery charger. If you think about it, a good quality battery charger is worth every cent as it will give you a considerable amount of service years and maintain your batteries.


7. Sign out Apps:

Sign out from apps when you have done. Apps like, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook Messenger can run itself in the background and notify you of happening when you are logged in.

If you don’t require to stay updated always then sign out will be a good idea. If you do love to stay in sign in the mood then set a higher update interval.


8. Vibration mode Turn Off:

Vibration mode also helps you to save your mobile battery to turn off vibration mode press the volume up button of your mobile phone till you leave the vibration mode I think it’s the best method to leave the vibration mode.

The phone vibration feature is something that uses much more power than ringing. Disabling it is indeed a very good idea when you don’t require it.

To adjust vibration setting follow Settings > Sound > Vibrate.

Set it to never or only in the Silent mood, whichever you prefer.


9. Wi-Fi, GPS And Bluetooth Turn Off:

Turn off the Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth If you are not using or don’t need all these functions of mobile to consume the battery.

e.g. the Wi-Fi network always searching for any network till it’s turned off.


10. Short Length Timing Of Screen Time Out:

This feature of android mobile tells your device that you are not using your mobile and after the time period that you have selected for lock screen this feature automatically turns off your android device screen and locked also.

Go to Settings –> Display and Sound –> Screen Timeout you can manually set your time for screen turns off your mobile.

11. Turn Off Background Wallpaper:

Many Android users think that it’s the cool feature of the Android device when the screen is off and background wallpaper comes to its look cool like rounding ball and many others beautiful background wallpapers but the reality is that it sucks your battery so the best thing is that always turn it off.

Go to Settings for manually turning it off.


12. Uninstall Unwanted Games:

We always like to have more Games and Apps in our smartphone, But we won’t use most of those games and Apps, these will lead to reducing our battery lifetime (long battery life).

Try To uninstall those unused Games and Apps.


13. Turn Of Notification:

It’s similar to Sign out process, We always like to use more social apps,

Apps like, Facebook, Twitter or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp can run itself in the background and notify you of happening when you are logged in. If you don’t require to stay updated always turn off notification for those apps.


14. Keep Your Android Device Cool:

Keeping your Android device cool is the efficient method to save your Android long battery life Its like that you take care of yourself in hot summer from the sun and always be cool.

Avoid more usage of mobile because after the whole day use of mobile it becomes hot and might be damage your long battery life and also damage your mobile screen so avoid it.

15. Use Phone cleaner Apps :

Its one of Most recommended Method to save your long battery life. Instead of Following the above steps ,its better to use any Phone cleaner apps from Playstore.

It’s my personal suggestion for you.

ITL Phone Cleaner


The Play Store is literally filled with hundreds of speed booster apps that claim to increase the processing power of your Android device. Most say that they will boost up the performance of your smartphone by removing junk files and cache data.

But how many of such apps actually offer what they promise? Well, unfortunately only a handful. ITL Phone Cleaner is an all-inclusive speed booster and Battery saver app for your Android phone.

From deleting junk data, clearing device memory, managing apps to offering complete virus protection, this one does it all.

I am sure that these 15 tips will help you to save android mobile battery. If you have any questions you can comment below.

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