Your Ultimate Guide to Ad Blocking on Mobile

Mobile AdBlock Guide

One of the most annoying aspects of using a smartphone is the constant pop-ups and adverts. Many of the apps that we rely on to help us throughout the day feature adverts as a way of making money for the developer. Taking that approach can make it possible for developers to pursue the projects that they would otherwise struggle to get off the ground.

Android device users also have the option to block ads across their system to varying degrees. Users who are confident enough to root their device and install the appropriate packages can disable adverts at the system level and are by far the most effective.

iPhone users have less control over their systems in many ways. While Apple has generally been good at enforcing the terms and conditions that advertisers who advertise through app store apps must agree to, their system is far from perfect.

What Is Ad-Blocking

Ad-blocking is the process of blocking adverts from appearing on user’s devices. Anyone who has had their enjoyment of a free app ruined by the appearance of a full-screen app will appreciate the value of an ad-blocker.

Mobile AdBlock Guide

Mobile AdBlock Guide

Should I Block Ads?

Before we delve into how you can block adverts from your system, there are some things we need to consider. First and foremost, advertising does serve an important purpose. The number of malicious adverts out there is small, and the websites that we all use every day are dependent upon advertising revenue. We, therefore, advise that, if you can, you white-list your favorite websites from ad-blocking. Think of it as making a donation without having to spend a dime.

However, every user of a digital device has a right to expect some ownership of the data that the device generates. They also have a right to keep the device free of data that can be used to undermine their privacy. The ways in which adverts are served up on your smartphone screens, even ones that you click away from very quickly, can gather and broadcast data about you. This data can then be passed on to other people without your consent.


Your mobile web browser will have its own settings, just as your device will, that affect your online privacy. This, in turn, affects the adverts you see. You should always check these settings.

So, the decision of whether to block adverts or not is up to you. Allowing adverts to display for the businesses, websites, and other services that you want to support is a great way of showing your support.

How Do I Block Adverts on Mobile?

Android users will be relieved to hear that they can block adverts on their devices with relative ease. There are also similar apps that are available for iOS, but they don’t offer quite the same level of control as Android.

One way you can reduce the number of adverts you see, and make it harder for advertisers to target you, is to use a VPN. There are plenty free VPN solutions on the market thus, most of then are not reliable. Free services have to pay for their overhead costs somehow and most often that not, the customer is the product. However, there are plenty affordable and reliable options online bearing an excellent reputation such as Nord VPN. You can have a look at their Android App here:


AdAway is an a   pp that requires a rooted device. Once you have rooted your device, you then only need to download the AdAway app from their website. Be sure to grant it superuser permissions. However, this is as good as ad-blocking gets. You will need to update the app every so often to ensure that it can detect the latest adverts. If you want a completely ad-free experience, this is the way to go.

Note that rooting your device is a permanent change. If you do it wrong, you can brick your phone. Don’t attempt it if you aren’t confident.

AdBlock Plus (ABP)

AdBlock Plus is a comprehensive piece of ad-blocking software that is capable of significantly reducing or even eliminating most unwanted ads that you see on your device. Unlike AdAway, it doesn’t require a rooted device, making it suitable for all users. It’s an open source project, meaning it’s kept well maintained.

Note that you can’t install the app through the Play Store. Part of Google’s business model revolves around selling advertising, after all. They infamously purged their app store of all ad-blocking apps.

Installing the Apps

The best way to do install the apps is through F-Droid. Think of F-Droid like an unofficial Play Store. Installing apps through F-Droid is automatic and straightforward, much like Google Play. All of their apps are open source, and you will find plenty of other options alongside AdAway and AdBlock Plus. Download F-Droid Using bellow button,

Blocking ads on your mobile system can make a tremendous difference to how easy it is to use. It also prevents your kids from accidentally clicking through to things they shouldn’t.

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