Mobile App Pricing – How Much Did You Sell Your Mobile Apps For?

How Much Your App Worth – Mobile App Pricing


Mobile App Pricing – Applications more commonly known as Apps are the new business or investment in town now-a-days. Entrepreneur of this age hits their target to apps which is giving them a beneficial life professionally and financially. The world is constantly moving and moving, they are not stopping at all and at every step they are taking. They need an app to resolve their crisis. No matter what their gadget is, apps is the new line. The best example of app is MAPS. No matter where a person is on earth, if he has a mobile phone or a tablet then he can never be lost. MAPS is always there to help. This is what an app cost.


Research and Trend

Selling an app comes way after than making and testing an app. Selling an app totally depends on what kind of app you are selling. There is a proper way of surfing the market and internet that what kind of app is trending now. Surfing includes the in-sight of an app too that is going to sell in market.


Mobile APP Pricing


Costs Involved

The cost of Mobile App (Mobile App Pricing)depends on the app itself. There are several stages to produce a good app that will cost and give profit to the seller. The very first thing you notice in an app that whether it is a static or dynamic app. This is an era of dynamic app like Facebook research App. Where not only one format is the part of an app but depending upon the time and nature of the audience it gradually changes. Whereas Static apps has no business, they cost nothing but loss. They remain stuck at the beginning and audience will find themselves boring.


Next important element is the life of an app. How much life an app has? To which level audience found it interesting and innovative. If we see CANDY CRUSH or Pokemon Go , both has a longer life and it entices the audience by popping out the new situation. Audience always find new app as an interesting app but after sometime, same app becomes still and dull which results in uninstalling the app.

Same example of candy crush, I’ve seen people crossing 3000+ level still app is tempting them to play more. Such kind of app brings more business to the seller. Which leads to next stage for selling an app that is targeting the audience. Now there are categories in audience too. some are too into apps and some are not. So it is better to target those who are willing to buy an app.


Android or IOS

Now also these categories divided into Android Users and Iphone Users. Iphone users pay to seek the privileges of an app whereas Android users find their way to get free app. Targeting Iphone users is a feasible option for seller. Because it will give a chance to seller to ask any amount he want as Iphone Users, no matter what will buy an app in order to follow the trend. Trend is an important and fine work for Iphone users. Not only buying Iphone is enough for them but after buying, they realise that apps which will give them ease requires a cost to pay. Now this is linked with the brand of audience and app too. Iphone being the most fashionable and up-to-the-minute smartphone which allow their users to buy an app that helps seller to charge any amount that goes with the app.

But there are also number of users for both Android and Iphone users that look upon the quality of an app too. Gaming app(Mobile App Pricing )is more expensive than simple app and gaming app has more demand and watchers  than simple app. Simple app targets those who are newbies but the era in which we are living is where even newbies like adventure and exploration. Games , which not only teenagers but also adults likes to play and selling an app that is more into games not only profit the seller but also expand the number of users which results in the increment of Rating Point for an app. If I have an app of fit-bit and I want to sell my fit bit, then it will depend on design of my app and also depends on complexity of y application and who is making it, a company or a freelancer that will also have an impact.


Team Work

Selling an app requires minds of not only one person but requires a proper brainstorming of minds which will work on the app in detail and a proper plan to sell an app which hits the majority of audience. Selling an app is not a stagnant thing that one can just give a figure that this amount will perfectly goes with the selling of an app. It requires elements and stages that will figure out what an app work as and for.

As the time changes so as the technology changes and so as the rate of an app changes. It is a cycle which is not only based of number and figures but based on nature of time, based on the technology that is introducing, based on the smart gadgets that is evolving time-by-time. There are also such apps that help in selling product online also depends on the range of the app and the density of an app, if I want to sell my beats online or to sell my kindle fire , it would be easy for me to sell these products if I am selling it on a reliable app which has many users it.



Lastly, it holds between what kind of smartphone is and what kind of observers it has and seller’s mind work with the age and with demand of audience then it will give a profitable amount to seller to sell his mobile apps(Mobile App Pricing). There is not just one factor but several factors working together in order to produce a new and fresh app that will attract the world.

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