Top 9 Mobile Games for the Study Break

Top Mobile Games for Study Break

While studying is excellent for your academics, overdoing it isn’t advisable. Too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Your body and brain need time for rejuvenation before resuming the mental process of gaining knowledge.

Since playgrounds and outdoor games are limited, mobile games are the perfect getaway. With the advent of technology and mobile phones, software developers have worked hard to come up with many mobile games. These games will brighten your study break and refresh your brain in a vibrant and fun way.

top mobile games for study break
Top Mobile Games

List of top 9 Mobile games

Below is a list of games you can enjoy for your study break.

8 Top Mobile Games for study break
1. Altos adventure

  1. Altos Odyssey
  2. Angry Birds 2
  3. Mini Miltia
  4. PUBG
  5. Candy Crush
  6. Infinty Loop
  7. Hunter assassin
  8. Kakuro

1. Altos Adventure

Embark on an epic journey with Alto, as he boards through his native wilderness, neighboring villages, breathtaking woodlands. Jump across gaping chasms and rescue run away lemurs while braving the dynamic weather. The soothing in the background music will calm your nerves and ease tension.

Time will fly away as you immerse yourself in the never-ending adventure. The game is entertaining and easy to play. It offers a unique experience. While playing the game, you can feel the developer’s passion for its creation. The graphics are decent, the visuals are well created, and the challenges are easily achievable, making you want to play over and over again.

2. Altos Odyssey

Join alto on this epic sequel into the vast, unexplored desert and unravel its many secrets. Bounce atop hot air balloons, glide across vines, and escape the wicked lemurs. New features like wall grinding, tornadoes, and the compass, which allows you access to different biomes, at a small fee, of course, makes this game mesmerizing, fun, and a worthy successor.

The gameplay is smooth, the artwork is breathtaking, and the Zen-like music calms the nerves and lifts your spirit. If you get tired of chasing scores, power-ups, and coins, switch to Zen mode, engage your relax gear and feel your way through the endless desert- it is mightily therapeutic.

3. Angry Birds 2

It is often attributed to the world’s most popular Angry Birds game. It is, rightfully so. Adopted from the first of its kind, the game offers a lot of excitement simply and uniquely that it’s impossible not to spend all your spare time taking on the challenges.

It has a variety of features that are sure to keep you entertained. You can team up with your friends, cluster in clans, and take on the challenges in the never-ending excitement of the world of the angry birds.

4. Mini Militia – Doodle Army

Mini Miltia is a beloved among many millennials. It was rolled out on March 13, 2015, and quickly became one of the most addictive multiplayer 2D mobile games of all time. Its features include; an online multiplayer with up to six players, over 20 maps to raise hell against your enemies, a wide range of arsenal to choose from, both modern and futuristic, and a classic offline survival game mode. It’s a go-to game during a study break.

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5. PUBG – Player Unknown Battle Ground

Released on March 19, 2018, by Tencent games, it is one of the most downloaded games with over twenty-five million downloads. It is a fast-paced, third-person multiplayer shooter game, delivering the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile.

The objective is to drop in, gear up, and turn your enemies into corpses as fast as you can. It has 100- classic player battles, zombie modes, payload mode, and a fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch. The goal is to survive, and the battle stretches to the last one standing. The game was voted the Mobile war Game of the Year and the Google Play Awards in 2018.

6. Candy Crush

It is a popping match game developed and published by King. It’s a fun and enticing game encompassing numerous fun challenges. The gameplay involves solving puzzles by switching and matching your way through magical dimensions.

There is a competitive race mode that awakens the competitiveness as you compete against other players in a race against the clock. Or you can become a team player Social Bingo mode, where players assemble a team and work together to acquire the prize. It’s a relaxing, fun game that refreshes the mind and eases body tension.

7. Infinity Loop

It is a simple, relaxing, endless game published and developed by InfintyGames. The game is more or less a puzzle game but with amazing Zen modes that makes it overwhelmingly relaxing.

The objective of the game is not just to connect things and move to the next level but also to enjoy it. It is a simple game with only one thing in mind – to clear up your mind. The Zen type of music is soothing and comforting and puts you in a comfortable place where you can relax and rejuvenate.

8. Hunter Assassin 

The name might be intimidating, but it is a 2D survival game released by Ruby Game Studio on October 9, 2019. It’s a simple game with a solid and straight forward gameplay; hunt your enemies, kill them, and stay undetected.

Each eliminated enemies drops valuable gems which are used to purchase better accessories. Because of its easy difficulty, it does not agitate or enrages the player, but rather it makes one joyful. 

9. Kakuro

The game borrows from the Japanese logic of solving puzzles. It is a special kind of Sudoku that mixes basic math in the equation. It has a great theme, wonderful presentation, and soothing music that can make you forget all about studying for your exams.

As a way of taking a break, the best approach is by playing a game that engages the brain. Such a game engages the mind, not only relaxing it but also making it more active.

Play your Favourite mobile Game on your study break

With mobile phones being a basic need among most students, access to these mobile games requires access to the internet. Depending on your mobile phone’s operating system, there is an application store where you can download mobile games for free or buy them at a fee.

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