5 Best Movie Recommended websites of 2020

Movie Recommendation Websites

Are you often confused about which movie to watch on a Friday night? list of best free movie sites- Movie buffs are catered into various categories and it’s difficult to find the movies based on the particular interests.

There are thousands of movies and TV shows on the internet. If you do not figure out the movies which are suitable to your taste, you may end up wasting your time. We’ve rounded up the best movie recommendation websites for movie buffs.

You can just open these websites whenever you are looking out for movie suggestions based on your interests. Here are the list of best free movie recommendation websites on the internet.

1.Rotten Tomatoes





1. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is like an encyclopedia for movies. It's the best movie recommendation website which suggests you the movies based on your favorite actors, genre, director and other factors. Their filters are awesome and you'll discover a couple of movies which suits your interest in just a few minutes.

movie recommendation websites


IMDB is more than a movie review website. Though it asks you for your inputs and ratings, it's also a good movie recommendation websites. It suggests you a lot of wonderful movies based on the movies you are searching for.

It's super fast and their recommendations are always up to the mark. IMDB database is huge and it automatically examines the similar movies based on your liking. Their recommendations are solid and it clearly explains why you'll like a particular movie. Try IMDB for searching movies.

You may save a lot of time.


3. Flixster

It's one of the good-looking movie recommendation websites on the internet. It asks you for your ratings and favorite movies. It's engine automatically fetches the suitable movie recommendations. It's as good as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

It's kind of a movie social networking site where you can check out the ratings given by your friends. There are also other features like film quizzes which adds more fun!

 It has much more to offer than just movie suggestions.


4. Criticker

We are not sure why they named this website in a complicated way. Their design looks a bit outdated too. But when it comes to finding movies, this website is definitely worth checking.

They have a unique scale called Taste Compatibility Index which compares your movie ratings to the other users and recommends the movies  You can also see the profiles of other movie buffs where their favorite movies are listed.

It's an active movie buff community with some really unique features.

It's also the best place for movie discussions.


5. Jinni

This list will not be completed without mentioning Jinni. It's undoubtedly the best movie suggestion website on the internet. It recommends movies based on your search terms, time available for watching a movie, reviews, current mood etc.

It has a dozen settings which will help you to get the best movie recommendations. You can also search movies based on plot preferences. This website never fails to deliver. Their recommendations are always up to the mark.

If you have no time to search for movies, Jinni is the place to go. They use a powerful semantic search mechanism which helps you to input search phrases like "movies with good cinematography", "movies with vampires" etc.


Final thoughts

These are our best 5 movie recommendation websites. We hope that these websites make the movie finding job easier for you and save a lot of time. Our favourite is Jinni. Of course, we also love the movie discussions in Criticker.

These movie recommendation engines are extraordinary and you'll be surprised by their suggestions. Sometimes they recommend you some of the movies which you have liked in the past!

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