Now You Can Run PlayStation Games on PC


Sony released its PlayStation Now game streaming service for PC earlier this week which means you no longer require to purchase PlayStation hardware to play number of first party Sony games. How cool is that?

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Source: PlayStation Blog

You can easily run many PS3 classic games on a PC running Microsoft Windows operating system. It could be a major evolutionary step in Console gaming industry. Some other PlayStation services like the TV-streaming program PS Vue could come to PC as well soon.

Playing games on a PC through PS Now still feels a lot like playing on a Sony’s product. It still uses DualShock 4 controller, and the interface is a variant of the XMB that the company has used for years. Playing through PS Now has few back draws and input lag-delay being a major one if connected through WiFi (not tested on LAN yet) which could make Online Multiplayer games harder to play. We are expecting some fix to this issue in future updates.


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You can checkout video below of PlayStation Now service by Jeffrey Grubb/GamesBeat.

You can only play PS3 games on the service now. Sony is likely to expand what it offers through its streaming service for PC, TV and mobile phones. PS4 and PS2 games should be added as gamer’s hunger for trying out new games is inevitable.

Gamers can enjoy playing Uncharted, God of War, and Sly Cooper for now without having to purchase Sony’s PlayStation hardware.


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