List Of 5 Obscure & Unusual Website That you should Known

5 Obscure Websites You Can Find on the Web

There are countless sites on the web visits by millions of the peoples from around the world each is designed for the purpose, whether it’s related to the information, communication, entertainment or either any community building obscure websites which are nowadays popular to find a perfect match.  Among these highly reputed, amazing, Movie Recommended websites, Game key websites & obscure websites, some are completely useless having no point or purpose.

These obscure websites are no doubt least popular and also not in demand but those peoples who like playing a puzzle game or wanted to know more about their favourite cartoon character or maybe those who just like weird things can use them in their spare time. These sites are just made for the entertainment purpose. As they are less popular it would be difficult for you to find so we have linked those less popular sites here for your ease. Try to take advantage through these obscure websites Buy youtube Subscribers and explore more.

obscure websites

obscure websites

List Of 5 Obscure and Unusual Websites

Below we will look at some list of Obscure websites in 2019


1. Cat Bounce

2. Watching Grass Grow

3. Eel Slap

4. Pokedraw

5. Dog Gifs

1. Cat Bounce - Silly Website

‘Time spent with cats is never wasted’ keeping in mind this wonderful quotation, we have mentioned this Cat Bounce game on the list. Playing this game will surely provide you with a chance to spend some time with your all-time favourite pet in a different way. It’s simple, first, you just need to open these obscure websites and you will find cats on your screen circulating, you can bounce the cat by using your mouse while you can also revolve them around.

2. Watching Grass Grow

The grass is the part of nature made by Nature and it’s our responsibility to take care of the things which are provided to us by God in order to help us in taking oxygen. Therefore those who love nature, greenery, and plants they can visit these obscure websites.

The site contains some YouTube videos and certain usage information that how to take care of plants, Watching Grass Grow will also guide you about how to provide proper food to grass.


3. Eel Slap -Crapy Website

The happiest thing in this universe is to slap someone badly taking out all your frustration. Probably this is not possible to slap someone with any reason as nobody will allow you to slap them on their pretty face but the Eel Slap serves you an amazing chance by featuring an image of a man, whom you can slap rapidly by taking out all your obstructions.

eel Slap

4. Pokedraw- Rare Website

Pokémon is an all-time favourite cartoon character, still lives in the heart of every 90’s kid. The website Poke draw is made for the fans of Pokémon, it will allow all you to draw a picture of your own Pokémon within 45 seconds to check your knowledge about Pokémon and also provides you with a chance to become a poke artist.

poke draw

5. Dog Gifs - Funny Website

A dog is the only thing on a universe that loves you more than you love yourself, for all dog lovers this website would be a perfect choice. It will provide you with the best chance through which you can look at the Dog Gifs it is inspired by the dogs.

Final Words about these Unusual Websites

That’s it, we have listed 5 obscure websites which are less popular bus still good provides you with some cool things through which you can spend your time. All these sites have different content with a unique purpose.

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