5 Best PayPal Alternatives to make an Online Money transfer

Top 5 PayPal Alternatives – 2018

Online Money transferring made easy using variety of payment methods. Have you not done any transactions up till now? I Guess you might have done one or more than one of your online transactions online, whether bank to bank transfer, fund transfer, etc. And if you’re still one of those who have not done any transactions until now then don’t worry you’re going to learn about various online transaction.

Well there are a loads of method to make an Online Money transfer and one of them is the PayPal. I think you’re acquainted with this method and it not, don’t worry I’ll take care of it.

PayPal is an Online Money Transfer app/mode primarily be owned by eBay Limited. Founded by the Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery and Max Levchin in 1999. It’s a privately owned and managed by eBay. PayPal is a useful online platform where you can transfer your required amount to the recipient with a minimal PayPal charges on the go. There’s no time lag that is observed while using this app. No need to worry about the security as there is fully secure level of security to protect your privacy and confidential reports. It’s one of the fastest mode of money transfer. The money will be received by the recipient within a few seconds.

And are you going to make fund transfer to another country then go ahead it’s that much easy that you’ve to only make a sign up and use it all. It’s all supported by 200 countries across the globe. An Online Invoice will be sent to you as soon as you make a successful transaction.For the payment to be successful you only needed one email address and you’re done.Most importantly you can install this app on your Android/iOS Mobile Phones.

Best Paypal Alternatives

But you know what PayPal isn’t the only option available online but there are a lot more options available. But the only thing is you’ve to reach out to the right path to find PayPal alternatives.

List of 5 Best PayPal alternatives

So let’s now get to know more about the other 5 Major PayPal Alternatives available for Online Money Transfer .

PayPal Alternatives

1. Transfer Go

2. Payoneer

3. Skrill

4. Payza

5. WePay

1.Transfer Go

Transfer Go is one fo the digital payment mode available to both iOS and Android versions Launched in the year 2012 by Justinas Lasevicious, Daumantas Dviinskas, Arnas Lukosevius, and Edvinas Sersniovas. Headquartered at Greater Britain, company is all set to transfer using Wire Transfer.  All you need is to download the app and sign up for Transfer Go.

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros of the Transfer Go.


• Available on Android/iOS version

• Four digit Password protection and verification

• App consumes less power than other apps to transfer the money

• With very less effort it can transfer your money to almost any bank in the world

• Very less Transaction Fee

• Maximum Limit – 2500EURO(20,29,145INR)

• Full Customer Support • Transfer Time = 3-5 days

• Total 23 currencies are supported

• Simple Transfer Process

2. Payoneer

It’s an Online International Money Transfer platform that any one of you can use it to make a successful fund transfer directly to bank of the recipient. Payoneer was first founded in the year 2005 by Yuval Tal, headquartered at New York, United States. There is a perfect Payoneer e-wallet to store your funds online. Another great platform to send/receive funds online. About 150 currencies with more than 200 countries are connected with this app. Like Transfer Go there is a small transaction fee. Payoneer is extensively be used in Freelancing sites, various Crypto wallet.

Summing up all the features of this payment mode..

For a quick overview, lets go through the pros of the Payoneer


International Fund Transfer

Over 200 countries involved

More than 150 currencies are supported

Direct Bank Transfer

Great Customer Support

Payment Recipient

Full Payment History

3. Skrill

Skrill is another Online Fund Transfer International app which charges you a small amount(0.1 USD)for every single transaction privately owned and managed by David Sear, first measured on 2001. Its one of the safest app for transfer funds in a single go. Skrill is accepted in various platforms like Crypto channels, gambling sites, which PayPal can’t do.

Lets Now get acquainted with the various pros of Skrill:


Faster Transactions

Free Account generation

Small Transactions Fee for various methods

Support various transactions method – Credit card, Email

Legit US Secure Gateway

All platforms are supported = iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux


4. Payza

Payza is a p2p(peer-to-peer) Online Fund Transfer International app and best PayPal alternatives that enables you to make a payment request or send/receive funds instantly. Like PayPal it works finer and smoother than any other platform. Its the fastest mode of fund transfer that can be done within few minutes-hrs long. Its one of the most widely used platform for online fund transactions. Head of the company is at Montreal Canada while additional centres are located at India, Bangladesh, USA, England, Sweden. You will be able to make use of personal and Pro(business) account. While both differs on their own way.

Like Payoneer and Skrill, its one of the largest used app/gateway that’s used in various fields of internet currently like Crypto exchange, shopping, etc.



Faster and easier

25 currencies available

Add/Withdraw funds anytime

Send funds anywhere, anytime

5. WePay

WePay is an Online Money Transfer Gateway base out of Massachusetts and best PayPal alternatives, US in 2008. Owned and managed by Bill Clerico and Richard Aberman, headquartered at Redwood City, California. WePay is an online payment solution to all your funds related problems. It helps connect the users around the world through peer-to-peer network. Lots of payment gateways are available but its somewhat different than that of other payment gateways.


Custom UX

Easy account management

High-level Security

Direct ban Transfer

Supported by Android, iOS

Generates All Transactions Report


After all what we want from all those payment gateways is the security and the faster payment procedure Isn’t it? Our first and foremost priority is the security and online privacy. So all you need to do is to go through brief intro to all such apps/payment gateway before you get going through the use of such apps. The best payment gateway I found from the above five mentioned PayPal alternatives Online Money Transfer app/gateway is the Payza. This is what i found quite faster, sincere and secure way to make online fund transfer within few minutes.

And now do let me know about which Online Money Transfer Gateway do you find useful and attractive for yourself.


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