5 Things Every Gamer Needs – PC Gaming Setup Ideas

PC Gaming Setup Ideas


If you’re into gaming, you’re probably going to need more than a gaming console and a desktop computer. Although, gaming consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox are already built to play the latest games out of the box. Desktop computers, on the other hand, should be specifically built with CPUs, GPUs, and RAMs for gaming purposes.

However, gaming is more than just having the best PC system and console. Investing in its essentials such as a monitor and a PC gaming mouse will give you the best possible gaming experience there is.


PC Gaming Setup Ideas

PC Gaming Setup Ideas


5 Essentials PC Gaming Setup Ideas

Here are 5 essentials PC Gaming Setup Ideas every gamer need:

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1. Gaming Monitor

2. Gaming Keyboard

3. Gaming Mouse

4. Gaming Headset

5. Best gaming Chair

1. Gaming Monitor

A gaming monitor is an essential addition to a gamer’s battle station, providing smoother gameplay while exhibiting the best possible colors and light your games can give. High-end monitors can also give you the best refresh rates — measured in Hertz. The higher the number of refresh rates a monitor can offer, the smoother the screen will be when displaying fast-paced images.

These monitors can also come in different shapes and sizes, where some have curved displays while some have more traditional flat screens. Make sure to choose one with a reliable brand, crisp view, full HD or 4k resolution, and a shape that suits your needs.


2. Gaming Keyboard

Every gamer knows that gaming keyboards are an essential part of their set up, as it will be used for character movement, in-game controls, and general typing purposes. For anyone who wants to take their gaming experience a notch higher, the right keyboard will be crucial.

Gaming keyboards come in a wide variety of options such as wireless, mechanical, and TKL (Ten Key Less). These keyboards offer features like customizable keys, multimedia control buttons, and RGB lighting.

The more expensive gaming keyboards also feature “anti-ghosting" technology — this feature enables gamers to press multiple keys at a faster rate compared to regular ones. Additionally, if you like to drink beverages when gaming, splash proof gaming keyboards are also available.

3. Gaming Mouse

When using a PC, you’ll definitely need a mouse to do things such as to navigate through your screen, trigger mouse-controlled in-game controls, and to aim for targets in PC games. However, if you’re into PC gaming, you’ll know that investing in gaming peripherals such as this one can make your experience even better.

There’s a bunch of it out in the market, and all of them boast their own features. It comes in different sizes, sensor sensitivity, buttons, and even RGB lighting.

Playing games with the advantage of custom keys to reload, switch weapon, lean left or right, or even throw grenades while only using your mouse will surely give you the edge against the competition.

If you're getting one yourself, get an ergonomic one first. The ergonomic mouse offers a form factor that will fit everyone. Also, look for ones that have customizable buttons and sensor sensitivity.


4. Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets like any other headphones on the market will produce sound. However, gaming headsets will be producing sound specifically tuned for games, which also includes a microphone attached to it for convenience.

When you're into first person shooting games, you should know that having a pair of decent gaming headset will not only enhance your experience but will also give you the advantage of pinpointing enemy footstep location, particularly when playing stealthy shooting games. Headset comfort is also an essential feature for these, as gamers usually have them on their heads for extended hours.

Choose the one with high-quality leather and good memory foam to keep you comfortable during extended gaming hours and one with a built-in microphone for communicating with your teammates. Although these headsets are primarily used for gaming, it’s also important to consider its capability to produce high-quality audio for late night music sessions.


5. Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs offer a design specifically made for gamers on prolonged gaming sessions, as these chairs provide features to support a person’s blood circulation and proper posture. It may surprise you, since it will be more beneficial for your health than the actual gaming.

For gamers, having a decent gaming chair means more extended hours of comfort when gaming, and more focus for longer hours while improving your overall health.

Look for gaming chairs that offer lumbar support, adjustable height, ergonomic design, and memory foam for comfort. However, having additional features on your gaming chair also adds to its price tag.


Closing thoughts

Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, these gaming essentials will be an important part of your gaming station. However, always remember that gaming products that cost more don’t mean it performs better than cheaper ones. Do your research and read product reviews online before buying products. Enjoy gaming!

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