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PDF Complete Free readers are widely used in the business industry as they eliminate the need of using various software’s to create, edit and modify documents. With a PDF Complete Free reader at your disposal, you can do it all with just single software and save you both time and the hassle.Most PDF Complete Free readers are compatible with almost every device, may it be a smartphone, tablet or a desktop.

However, they’re not similar when it comes to the features.There are a plethora of PDF readers out there that are free to use but they may not offer advanced features such as creating new documents, designing documents, creating and filling forms, modifying pictures in PDF files etc.These advanced features are mostly disabled until a user buys a license for the software.


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It is important that you know what a PDF reader can do so you can decide to buy one or not. Let’s have a look at some amazing features of PDF Complete Free readers. We have created this article creating Soda PDF in mind, as it is one of the best options out there, but some other PDF Complete Free readers may also offer these features.


5 Features of PDF Complete Free Reader

Check top 5 features of PDF Reader

Top 6 Features

1. Document Formating

2. Read Out Loud

3. Convert into PDF Files

4. Password Protect Files

5. Design Documents

1. Document Formatting

A properly formatted document is easy to read and look at. This is why PDF readers are famous as they can be used to properly format documents, including work papers.

Here’s what a premium PDF reader offers:

  • Ability to adjust headings.
  • Abilities to change/enlarge fonts.
  • Ability to highlight parts of the document to increase focus.
  • Manage spacing.
  • Ability to add/delete pictures.

All this can allow you to give the document a professional and neat look.

2. Read Out Loud

PDF Complete Free readers aren’t just confined to prepare and manage documents but can be used to read novels and eBooks as well..

This option is called the read out loud option which lets users listen to the text. It is simple text-to-speech option that turns documents into audio books.

Other than that, it can be daunting for people with poor eyesight or no sight at all to read. The read out loud feature can help them out and they can listen to stories and favourite novels.

However, not every PDF reader will give you the luxury of using the read out loud option unless you buy a license.

3. Convert Into PDF Files 

The .PDF file extension has become one of the most used files in the business and education sectors. The reason being, they’re easy to manage.

Some PDF readers offer users the ability to convert various files into PDF extension. There’s no need to install a conversion software and waste time as your reader can get it done for you.

4. Password Protect Files

You can also protect PDF files with a password. This feature prevents data even if someone breaks into the system.


5. Design Documents

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the corporate sector. PDF readers not only help save papers by allowing Designs, but also help save time.

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