Best PS4 Games to Play with your Kid

PS4 Games for Kids

PS4 games are video games meant to have fun. Many people believe that they are meant to be played by adults only. However, this may not be the case.There are a variety of Play station games that can be played by families which will eat the end of the day help in the bonding of a family.Before settling for a game, ensure it is a game that both the kids and the parent will enjoy playing and they can understand it as per their age.On other hand, We have also compiled a list of 10 cool games to play  and 10 Old retro games both kids and adults, in which there are 20 games that we think everyone need to try at least once in your lifetime.

It’s important to make the kids feel happy when you have them around and not just being a disciplinarian Mom.Parents must be sure that they choose games for their kids are safe, fun and affordable. They will never love being close to you if you are that kind of a person.

ps4 kids games

Here we go with LIST of best PS4 games to play with your kid:

PS4 Kids Games
1.Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

2.Lego Worlds

3. Lego Marvel Heroes 2

4. Knack 2

5. Hasbro Family Fun Pack

6. Just Dance 2018

1. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Triology- Recommended PS4 Kids games

This is an updated version of PlayStation 1 and parents with this experience will have an easy time playing with the kids. The graphics are animations updated to make it more modernized, and this is good for parents who wish to train their kids what was happening in the earlier years.

There are some problematic actions which include trial modes and leadership modes. However with persistence in playing it eventually become easy.

Crash Bandicoot ps4

Crash Bandicoot is the best to learn about the old play station and Nintendo games that were played before the kids were born.

2. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds:This game helps your child to understand better how to avoid stepping on the blocks and becoming Lego gods. By having an opportunity to explore the planets through the PlayStation on PC too, they have the chance to understand how the galaxy looks like and how they could intervene with their arrangements to shape them as per their desire.

Play Station 4 allows them to visit the planets and build Legos and more sophisticated models as per their wish.

Lego world -PS4 kids games

You too can enjoy having the fun of using helicopters, charging your smartphones while driving cars & motorbikes in the worlds unknown and have a feeling that you once visited the planets.

3. Lego Marvel Heroes 2

When you are playing a game with your kid to satisfaction, this is the game to look for, Marvel Heroes 2 is a game that Lego has presently released and give you the chance to be in charge of the entire galaxy and you can play it either as black panther, Hulk, Thor, spider man all to make sure that in your adventures you emerge to be the winner.

You will have to see all the energy, tactics and brains to come out strong and be a superhero.

lega marvel 2 ps4

Since kids love this kind of movies, whenever they feel like watching it, and it’s not available in the Television,But PS4 available in PC, Marvel Heroes 2 PlayStation is the one to play.

4. Knack 2

The game is suitable for humor since it has low threat levels having been specifically designed for kids.It is a game that you have to prove yourself a giant, can take full control of fire or water and emerge the winner.The best kids to play this game are the preteens as they approach adulthood. They are taught resilience and how to man-oeuvre problems that may look tough in their eyes.

Knack 2 - PS4 kids games

There are the new PS4 kids games that almost made this game to be overlooked, but once you play it with your family, it refreshes everyone and as such it is worth re-looking into it.

5. Hasbro Family Fun Pack

When your kids are genuinely addicted to the television, and then you remember of a great game night that happened in the earlier years, this game can work wonders and pull them away from watching the television.The Hasbro Series add fun because it is a scrabble game monopoly, trivial pursuit and also risk.

Hasbro Family Fun Pack ps4

Monopoly adds fun to the game as you have to keep track of money and other small pieces. This game will help trace all these and will bring concentration and think out of the box for your kid.

6. Just Dance 2018

Just Dance is an amazing dancing play station four as it is specifically designed in 2018 and has a collection of the most updated dance songs. The beautiful old songs are also captured.Engage this dancing with the kids, and the hue will be full of fun. The PS4 has the dancing styles,but more often you will find that each person has his or her dancing style.

just dance 2018 ps4

The game has over 300 song lists that will make you dance with the kids over and over again without any boredom. It helps to develop life skills which may be the constant source of income for the family when the children are old enough. Check the List of PS4 games for your complete family.


Above mentioned are the best ps4 kids games to play among with your children. As apparent, it’s important to monitor the play station games that are played to avoid chances of your kids playing violent games that may have future effects. Not only a PlayStation games, its also your responsibility to monitor all smartphone activities of your kids. Get good under aged mobile games and apps for your kids in Mod APK.

If Your children only play games in mobile, then choose some good mobile games for your android smartphones . We have also compiled a list of 10 cool games to play for you to try at least once in your lifetime.

Otherwise, the recommended ones for young ones are good to play and refresh the mind.

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