Reach A Wider Audience With The Right Android Application

Right Android Application

Android app development has become increasingly popular. Android is an open-source mobile operating system, owned by Google. It offers a number of APIs to enable developers to take full advantage of Android’s functionality. This in turn means that anyone with basic coding knowledge in Java can easily start developing their own android application.
Developing an application has been greatly simplified due to the introduction of various IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). However, you need to be familiar with the languages used in the IDEs and having an expertise with them can mean you can bring forward better results.

Right Android App
Right Android App Development


As for Android, ever since its creation, it has developed significantly. People have become more and more familiar with the interface. It is the most widely used mobile operating system, followed by iOS and has a massive 76.03% market share.

Android offers great functionality to its user, owing to it open-source nature. Several companies offer their own customized version of Android, with skins running on the original operating system. Developers can develop a number of different types of applications based on their services.
As all android applications are written in Java, anyone well-versed with the programming language can create applications. While C and C++ can also be used in the Android studio offered by Google, usage of these languages is not recommended by Google.

Benefits for Businesses

For businesses, having an android application is extremely crucial. An app allows the users to interact with your business and its services even better. Applications are often more responsive and work better than websites and can offer better functionality to the user. They are customized to work on a smaller screen, which makes them interactive as well as easy to use.

Moreover, if you have a desktop application but not its mobile counterpart, you are missing out on a lot. Most users are not always on their desktop, but have their phone with them all the time. By offering the same features that you offer on the desktop application, you can offer convenient services to the users. This will not only help you retain current users, but also influence new ones to try your services.

People can get all the details about your services through your app. If you offer a paid service, you can give a trial of the same services through your mobile app. This can help the people to experience your services and make them potential customers. You can also send in notifications regarding any updates and offer valuable news to the customers.

Advantages of Play Store

Android also has the largest app store in the world, the play store. Play store has thousands of applications of different kinds. By having an application on the play store, you are making your applications and its services available in front of thousands of users all across the globe. For small businesses, this can be a great opportunity to advertise themselves.

Moreover, having an application up on play store also means that you have followed all the play store guidelines and your app is virus-free. This is another indication of trustworthiness for your customers. Also, if you introduce new features in your application, you don’t have to prompt your users yourself. As soon as you push the update on play store, it will automatically inform all the users that have your application installed that an update is available. All the information regarding the update can also be written in the change log.

Android app development can help you in increasing your customer base, while also improving the customer experience. However, it is crucial to have your app developed by an expert that can take advantage of all android features.

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