4 Reason Why should You Be Using a VPN for Games?

Should You Be Using a VPN for Games?


If you are a serious gamer, you must agree that having the best performance in gaming requires one to have a good display, a powerful graphics card, and computer and a sound system. But is that all?

As you spend hours battling your favorite online games you also must ensure you are safe and you can access whichever website you want without a hustle. Well, the only way you can keep yourself and your data safe is by using a VPN for games.

Note that the work of a VPN is not only to keep you and your data safe while playing online games but also to help in other functions. A VPN can improve your gaming experience and can also benefit your gaming sessions in many ways.


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Reason to use VPN for Games

So why should you be using a VPN for games ? Let’s find out,

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1. Evade ISP Throttling

2. Play From Anywhere

3. Get access First

4. Stay Safe from Attack

1. To Evade ISP Throttling

Well, if you’ve never known, then you better know today. That ISP of yours you think he is the best since the internet speeds are high could be doing something sometimes when you are busy playing your online games.

Look, ISPs can monitor what you are doing and they can inspect data packets and identify where they are coming from whether you are streaming TV services such as Netflix or you are playing online games. During this time, your ISP can use a process called bandwidth throttling to bring down your internet usage and keep network congestion to a minimum so that every user can get a uniform experience.

Sometimes they do this intentionally to compel you to purchase a more costly package or data plan. But you don’t have to go through these frustrations since a VPN can help you evade this menace by encrypting your online activities. Once you use a VPN for games, your ISP and any other online user will not inspect your activities and you will never experience bandwidth throttling.


2. You can Play Any Game from Any Region

After the internet was introduced, we were made to believe that we can access anything we want from any part of the world. But geo-blocks can make it impossible for you to play online content such as online games. For instance, if you leave in the US, it’s hard to connect to gaming servers in Asia.

But you have a tool to overcome all this; a VPN can hide your real IP address and assign you a different one. This way, you can be able to access to any game from any region, no matter what place you are playing the game from.

3. Access New Titles First

Oftentimes game companies release latest games in stages. For instance, the latest game on the industry may be accessible in North America and Japan and then Europe and Australia to follow on the list followed by other continents. If you happen to leave in these areas, then you are lucky to get access to new game releases. If not, then you will have to wait for your turn. But this can be annoying especially when other people starting sharing their experiences on playing the new games online.

When you have a VPN for games in your machine, you can evade these restrictions and enjoy any game immediately it is released. A VPN will make you appear as if you are accessing the new release in the regions where it has been made available first.


4. Stay Safe From Malicious Attacks

Nowadays, gamers are targeted by DDoS attacks. DDoS is an attack that is targeted to bring down a system by sending several requests. Oftentimes the one you are battling the game with is the one who will launch the attack especially if you are about to win the game. Note that you do not have to be a techie to perform a DDoS attack as they can buy DDoS services.

You can only avoid such situations by using a VPN for games, since it will shield your real IP address during the gaming session. When connected to a VPN server, your IP address is masked so any attacker can’t really know the real you and this can help you enjoy the game.


Final words

A VPN can help you in many ways. Apart from securing your data and information, it can also make your gaming session enjoyable and keep you safe from online frustrations.

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