How to Remove Shortcut Virus in PC – Protect your PC from Virus

Remove Shortcut Virus in PC

Therefore to help you, I am sharing this article with you. In this article you will be able to delete the unwanted files without affecting the important ones.  Most of the time, we often get shortcuts of the important files too. But they are totally inactive.

Know what this virus is

Are you aware of the shortcut virus?

It is a type of virus which comes from a malware computer while transferring files. This virus creates all shortcuts on your USB or in any of the external hard disk too. Even phone memory, memory card or memory stick can get affected with this shortcut virus(remove shortcut virus).

When the shortcut virus affects then the original file gets hidden. So they are not at all useful for the users.

Overall it is very annoying and also takes up space with the unwanted shortcuts.

Remove Shortcut Virus

Remove Shortcut Virus

Well, it came in the following way

Do you want to how they came to your device or memory card? Well, it just roams around with the external hard disks, USB, memory card or memory stick and devices of these types.

When infected device is connected with another device then it gets immediately affected, Even Bluetooth connection can transfer them.

If your device has been affected with such virus, then you can find the autorun.inf. It is a very bad one as it keeps on growing with countless shortcuts in your device. Therefore, deleting it permanently is very essential.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from your PC? 

Now we would come to the point where deleting this virus is the main focus.

For the convenience of the users, 3 methods have been shared. All of them are equally useful. So get them and recover your system from such a dangerous virus.

Method 1: Remove shortcut virus by using the CMD.

You may be aware of the CMD, Still those who are not aware CMD are the command prompt. CMD can be used to remove shortcut virus. This process is considered the best as 95% chances are there to get it deleted. You can use this method for the pen drives, memory card, hard disks and smart phones too.

Just follow these steps and get it done:

• Go to the start>run> cmd

• Then go to the pen drive or the memory card or the phone memory

• Now just type it exactly: attrib g:*.*/d/s-h-r-s (g is the name of the drive. So give it accordingly what you are having)

• Press enter.

Hope it will work and your system will remove shortcut virus.

Method 2: Antivirus Software

The second step is a costly one but is the easiest one, Every virus is having an antivirus similarly this virus is having antivirus too.

Software is being used to remove shortcut virus and delete it permanently.

Find out the Antivirus  software and this software will work like a magic.

So buy the antivirus, Install it on your system and the run it, Scan the device and kill the virus.

You just have to buy the antivirus.

This is particularly for those who are not having Technical knowledge.

Also it would recover the files and the folder which are useful for you. Only the shortcuts are being deleted.

If you are eager to do it quickly, then no other way is better than this one.

Method 3: Malware Scaner

Now let’s get to last step.

Download the malware scanner – Hitman Pro which comes in 30 trail version.

It can detect the virus which has been skipped by the already installed antivirus.

They would scan the entire system and would find the right one to delete and get the system recovered.

Even if you are unable to install it, just run the one time scan and get the scan done easily.

This is known as the one time scan. It can also scan a full PC too (in case you need so)

So among these four processes, anyone can be followed. Choose the one which you are convenient with.

How to protect your PC from the virus?

Do you remember the famous saying “prevention is better than cure”. Well, we can also take the preventive method instead of deleting it. Few steps if followed regularly can avoid the virus form affecting your system.

Check these precautions and avoid the virus to come to your system even using the malware system too.

1. The pen drive should not run automatically. To do it, disable the AutoRun, so it would not run the pen drive automatically.

2. Make it a compulsory point. Always scan your pen drive when connected with the any other device.

3. Avoid using the pen drive in any public PCs. There is most chance in getting affected with such viruses.

4. Avoid using the harmful websites. Well, you can understand what kind of websites should be avoided. Mostly these viruses are affected through these kinds of websites.

5. Always have an antivirus in your device and keep it updated. Don’t ignore it at all.

Make it a point that you should never ignore these above points. Then it can give you some of the ways to avoid the virus getting affected your system. Well it can save your system and keep it safe too.

Let’s wrap up successfully

Now we are at the concluding part. From the above article, you may have got some ways which would actually help you. We often get confused what to do when such problems arise.

Most of the person, who are not aware of these problems, call any technical person and pay for it unnecessarily. It is not at all a problem which needs to have a technical person. Anyone having the basic knowledge of the computer can do it easily by following these steps.

Even if you have searched a lot about it, may have not got the right way to do so. In that case any of these three ways can help you.

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