5 Reasons Why Retro Games Still hold Up well & Loved by the Players

Retro Games Still Hold up well


 Did you know that retro games still hold up well and are gaining popularity as we speak? Yes, they are more and more popular every day and this trend will continue to rise in the future as well. We all know the just mentioned facts, but most of you don’t know the reasons why this is the case. So let’s check out the main reasons why retro games retro games still hold up well and are so popular even 30 years after the development.

retro games still hold up well

Top 5 Reason why Retro Games still hold up well

Below we will look at some ryeason why retro games still hold up well and loved by gamers.


1. You can play the games you used to love

2. Hardware specification

3. Simple than ever

4. Fun Nostalgia

5. They are very affordable

1. You can Play the games you used to love

If you are 35 years old, the chances are that you have been playing retro games when they were launched. Back then, money, consoles, and etc. was an issue for some of you, preventing you from playing the games you really wanted. Now, as a grown-up, you are free to play those games once again and now there are no limitations. The hardware can be easily obtained, there is no school to interfere with the gameplay and there are no other issues. Basically, you get all you need right now, in minutes. Obviously, there is a great sense of pleasure knowing that you can play the games once you loved. And yes, almost every single game can be found even today.

2. Hardware Specifications

You probably know that if you want to play the latest game, you would need a PC of impressive specifications. Those computers are known as gaming computers and they may cost more than an average car! But, retro games do not require fast and super powerful computers to run. They will operate perfectly on a console they were developed for and there is no need to look for any accessories or improvements. This may be one of the most important reasons why many people decide to play retro games over the latest ones!
The same thing refers to the multiplayer option. If you want a new game to lay, you will need two copies, two consoles, and an internet connection. Retro games will require one console and a LAN cable. And yes, two players will be in the same room while playing the game, which isn’t the case with online gaming.

3. Simple Than ever

Yes, all of those games were simple. The story usually had just a few ‘’sentences’’ and you were able to imagine the main objective of the game and the main goal as well. The gameplay was easier than ever and you would need minutes to master the game. Now, the situation is completely opposite. You will need hours or even days in order to master a game and you would need a lot of time to complete each mission. Back then you would need a few minutes and a small desire. This also means that there is no simple games today.


4. Fun Nostalgia

Because they are very fun to play! They give many a nostalgia trip, or introduce younger people to fantastic games! Some gamers want to play games from their childhood again. I hit up the old Doom or Commander Keen once in a while.

5. They are very affordable

Almost all retro games are affordable and they will be even more affordable in the near future. For a modern game, you would need $300 in order to make it work and then there is a premium option, additional accessories and etc. For retro games, there is no need of such a thing. As we have mentioned, all you need are the console and the game. And you are ready to go. Keep in mind that there are some retro games which are more than just expensive, but they are also extremely rare and we won’t take them into account, for now. Also, there is always the emulator and ROMs choice for those of you who wouldn’t pay money for retro games.

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Final words

These were the main reasons why you should play retro games and why they will stay popular in the near future. As we have mentioned, these are the main, but not the only reasons. The full list would have over 20 reasons

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