The Mobile Gaming Revolution and the New ROG Smartphone from ASUS

Asus ROG Smartphone 


You can say a lot about the gamers’ community, and one of those things is that they love technology and keep track of the new and exciting things. The thrills of waiting for the upcoming edition of a favorite game can be as good as anticipating the release of a new device or user equipment. Will the next ROG Smartphone from ASUS achieve fans’ appreciation?


Asus rog smartphone

Asus ROG Smartphone


Waiting for the Revolution

The gaming industry is still waiting for the proper revolution that could set the course for years to come. The next big thing might be some new class of console generation or more likely, augmented reality and virtual reality-based solutions. Meanwhile, the accessibility and availability are the significant parts of the business, which is why smartphones play a crucial role in the revolution. With the estimated 2.31 billion users last year, and the growing numbers of devices released to the market, it is likely making an impression on game developers. And it is, as a great deal of their designing effort focuses on the mobile department. Besides, our phones, which most people usually always keep close by, already have multiple purposes.

They serve as communication devices and little computers, allowing us to perform all sorts of interactions, suchlike banking operations, interactive connections, trades, shopping for products and services, as well as selling them and much more. Alternatively, we still use them to make old-fashioned calls to other human beings — who would have thought? Entertainment is undoubtedly a significant part of the industry. A place where big money is.


The Power of Going Mobile

Naturally, personal computers and notebooks are at the centre of the gaming business, as they can fit more advanced and quality components into a small space, which allows them to operate with higher efficiency. The capacity and productivity of sub-assemblies matter a lot to dedicated gamers, and high standards are often a necessity for the newest and the best video games that usually have more demanding system requirements. There are, however, plenty of positions on the market-oriented on simplicity, enjoyable gameplay and reaching as broad an audience as possible. Additionally, the ever-improving technology industry provides more solutions and allows to fit better parts into smaller devices so that they could deal with more intricate software.

Then, of course, there are practical advantages that mobile equipment has over unhandy PCs or even laptops. For example, when people spend long hours traveling from one place to another, waiting for something to happen or otherwise trying to kill some time. In modern days, to squeeze a lot of functionality into a manageable box and take it virtually everywhere we go is something not to treat lightly. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that the top tech companies in the world would not recognize the real importance of these circumstances, and thus put in the effort into developing new concepts to address the needs of contemporary mobile gaming.

asus rog gaming smartphone

Asus ROG Gaming Smartphone

Asus ROG Gaming Mobile

Many successful corporations try to take as much of the proverbial cake as possible. Asus Tek Computer Inc. is no different here. Founded in Taipei in 1989 back when the country did not have the renowned position in the electronic trade it has now, this multinational electronic enterprise who excels with its work on computer and phone hardware isn’t an anonymous player. Among the variety of items made by the firm, smartphones may not be something an average user would think of first. Their computers, wearable, graphics and sound cards, cooling systems, monitors, servers and other computer components, with the most notable lineup under the name of Vivo, helped to make a name for ASUS in the electronic business.

As far as the mobile part of it goes, the company is relatively new to it. In 2012 and 2013, they developed the ASUS PadFone and ASUS Fonepad, respectively, which was technically a phablet (combining the functionality and size of smartphone and tablet). The ambitions to take the industry by the storm manifested by way of the ZenFone series announced in 2014. Operating on the Android system, the series’ first generation started with the ZenFone 4, with a few models following that same year. The concept expanded since then, and now, the customers can purchase devices from one of the five available generations.

The New ROG Smartphone for Gaming

One of the main areas of interest for ASUS has always been gaming and making sure their products fit the clients’ needs in the best possible way. A unique brand established by the company in 2006 named Republic of Gamers (ROG) has become a mission statement for this drive. The goal is, to provide the most innovative computer hardware for dedicated gamers. All the products, hardware and accessories speak for themselves, and now, the time has come to present the brand-new smartphone explicitly for mobile gaming. The ROG’s device is a 6-inch smartphone officially released by ASUS on October 18th, with the pre-order going on in the United States. With features such as heat sync, support for two screens, ultrasonic air triggers and other additional options (i.e., a physical controller), the ROG Smartphone  fits perfectly the idea of accommodating prolonged sessions of high-end gaming.

Not getting too much into specifics, the $899 device has a 2.96GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile chip, 8GB of RAM and supports the storage of 128GB or 512GB, depending on which option you choose. There is also quite an extensive lineup of accessories available to customers. Apart from the abovementioned controller, we can expect a TwinView Dock, WiGig Dock, ROG SmartPhone case and more. Knowing how gaming gear is a significant part of the experience — whether it’s a technical upgrade, a most suitable chair for playing or some other thing — ASUS also announced a new series of headsets designed to make gaming even better. With the FPS (first-person shooter) games in mind, the company aims to provide the full immersion experience.


New ROG Smartphone

Regardless of what we may think about the new idea from ASUS, the smartphone specifically designed for gamers is a fascinating notion worth looking at closer. Only time will tell if the players appreciate the ROG Smartphone and what it represents. Meanwhile, perhaps we might learn a thing or two about the future of the mobile gaming industry, which is a start to take seriously.

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