Romantic valentine’s day at-home dating ideas

Why not skip the crowded, overbooked restaurants, nights out on the town and other typical date places on Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of ways a couple can have just as much fun and plenty more romance at home, without having to wait in line or suffer through the insanity on Cupid’s day for love. Start with a few date tips and personalize them to make the other person feel the love.

Dinner and a Movie

The traditional dinner and movie combination can be more fun at home than out. To set the mood, snuggle up close at the corner of a table, with candlelit ambiance. Dinner can be elegant but simple. After all, this is supposed to be romantic – not a lot of work. Add a pretty centerpiece to enhance the mood.

Here is an idea for a simple but elegant romantic dinner menu:

  • Roasted lamb with mint
  • Steamed asparagus spears
  • Sliced, baked yams
  • Chocolate mint brownies
  • Champagne

After dinner, snuggle up on the couch for a romantic movie or two. A couple can choose from their own collection or rent one of the following:

  • English Patient, 1996
  • Pretty Woman, 1990
  • You’ve Got Mail, 1998
  • Moonstruck, 1987
  • Sleepless in Seattle, 1993
  • When Harry Met Sally, 1989
  • Casablanca, 1942
  • Romeo and Juliet, 1968/1996
  • Gone With the Wind, 1939
  • West Side Story, 1961
  • As Good as it Gets, 1997

Indoor Picnic and Games

Nothing says romance like a cozy picnic. Set up the perfect, climate controlled picnic in the comfort of the living room or in front of the fireplace in the family room. Place the packed picnic basket in the middle of a favorite blanket or tablecloth. Surround the blanket with house plants and floral arrangements to provide a garden atmosphere. Prepare something as simple as sandwiches, or be more elaborate with prepared food from the deli. During dessert, serenade with a love song or read romantic poetry to each other. Some of the more popular love poems include:

  • Sonnets from the Portuguese 43: How do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Live in a Love by Robert Browning
  • At Last by Elizabeth Akers Allen
  • Love’s Trinity by Alfred Austin

After the picnic, pull out a favorite game. This can be something as traditional as a favorite board game, or it can be more active with a scavenger hunt. Hide a Valentine’s Day gift and plant clues for the other person to hunt in search of her gift.

Romantic Reading

Fluff up the pillows on the sofa, play soft, classic music and turn off all the lights, except for one reading lamp. Find the most romantic romance novel and take turns reading scenes, while feeding each other cheese and crackers or chocolate dipped strawberries. Sip champagne, relax and enjoy a story by any of the following authors:

  • Kathleen Woodiwiss
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Nora Roberts
  • LaVyrle Spencer
  • Diana Gabaldon
  • Virginia Henley
  • Julie Garwood

Most people appreciate having someone spending time planning the perfect date. Valentine’s Day presents the ideal opportunity to share love, enjoy a sense of fun, bask in pleasure and show commitment to the other person. Dinner and a movie, an indoor picnic and games or a romantic reading can be the catalyst of a night to remember.

Advice and Tips for Finding True Romance

Where do eligible men and women go to meet others interested in a romantic relationship? For people who go from home to work and nowhere else, finding love can be a challenge. Take stock of special interests and make a special effort to meet the man or woman who likes the same things.

Pet Lovers May Make a Compatible Couple

Go to the closest dog park and let Rover initiate a new relationship. After all, a dog senses many things that people miss. If both people are at the park for the same reason, there’s a good chance they’ll find more to like about each other. Dogs also make excellent conversation starters. Watch for clues of interest in the other person.

Pet stores are great hunting grounds for more than goldfish food or catnip. Ask questions of other customers about what their pets prefer. The other person just may have some answers that lead down the path of romance.

Attend Sporting Events to Find True Love

Sign up for a coed softball or soccer league. This is an excellent way to find love with someone special who shares a common interest. Go out for dinner or drinks after the games, and score some extra points in the department of true love.

Buy season tickets to the local professional or semi-pro team’s home games. Strike up conversations with other season ticket holders and let the relationship blossom. Something is bound to develop with a fellow fan who is rooting for the same team.

Take a Class to Meet Other SinglesCheck out the local community college or recreation center for upcoming classes. Ideal situations that require interaction may include cooking, dancing, drama or team-building classes. Or for men who want to meet women, consider a knitting or latch hook class. For women who want to meet men, perhaps the best place is a woodworking or a basic auto mechanic class.

Seminars and workshops designed to provide information or help with special skills will bring people with common interests together. A financial planning seminar or real estate workshop can be the perfect place for sparks to fly.

Get Physical to Find Romance

The neighborhood gym is good for more than working out the muscles. Hop on the center treadmill and strike up a conversation with the person on the next one over. Or ask someone for help with piece of unfamiliar equipment. The heart can pick up a few extra beats during an aerobics or yoga class.

Community Events are Great Places to Meet People

Check out what is going on in the community and go. A favorite author doing a reading at a library will attract other bookworms. A wine tasting event at the wine store or special poetry reading at the local coffee shop will have connoisseurs with similar taste.

Place of Worship to Find Others With Common Values

A church, synagogue or temple is more than a place to worship. It’s a great way to meet other people with the same beliefs and values. Join singles groups and classes to meet other people of like mind.

Falling in love is easy. The hardest part of a relationship is finding the right person who shares common interests and has similar values. People who go to sporting events, take classes, get physical, attend community events and spend time at a house of worship will not only be more satisfied with their personal lives, they will meet other people who are just as interesting.


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