Security Systems in Automobiles – Car Protection

Security Systems in Automobiles


Is the set of all those elements that contribute to provide greater efficiency and stability to the vehicle underway and as far as possible to avoid an accident. Every day there is more and more sophisticated.

The condition of tires and safety


The quality of the tires and their good condition and pressure depends on them fulfilling all their functions well and therefore we travel safely. They must bear the load; ensure the transmission of the motor effort to start, accelerate, circulate at different speeds and reduce; steer the vehicle, go straight or take curves; help stability, suspension and comfort; participate in braking. They have to endure multiple situations and aggression’s without any protection: cold, heat, ice, snow, water, different types of pavement, potholes, and obstacles. In addition, they are subject to significant fatigue, wear and ageing.

With all this, it is necessary to check the pressure, damage with visible cables or packages, the general condition with multiple cracks and wear. In addition, poor driving will cause rapid wear and tear: quick starts and stops, high-speed braking at high speed, curves with excessive speed and beating or rubbing on curbs. The tires do not expire and there is no rule that indicates how many kilometres you have to change them.


security systems in automobiles


Depending on the quality, the use and care can last between more or less kilometres. Legally, there must be a minimum drawing of 1.6 mm deep in the central grooves of the tread. Most wear indicators located at that depth. But, above all, change them if you think that the behaviour of the vehicle has worsened in the wet or on poorly adhering surfaces. And if you do not have it clear, ask for advice from a specialist. And make sure to place some tires with the specifications that come indicated in the vehicle manual in terms of size, speed, load.




They make sure that the wheels do not lock when the brake is pressed to the bottom and in this way the braking distance is smaller and an obstacle can be avoided. The braking distance is reduced by around 13% dry and 25% wet.


Its function is to ensure that the vehicle stays in the path marked by the driver with the steering wheel, reducing to a large extent the road accidents caused by a skid. Normally this action is produced by selective braking of the wheels. It is compulsory for new cars in Europe from November 1, 2014. It is estimated that this system is able to reduce by 80% of accidents due to skidding. This system must be deactivated when you are standing in an area of ​​low adherence such as ice or mud, otherwise you will not be able to exit since the ESP will act and the wheels will not pull.


Assistant to emergency braking. Increase the braking pressure to reduce the stopping distance.


Autonomous braking. The car protection brakes autonomously when it detects that there is a vehicle in front of it stopped and the driver does not brake (only for when it goes to low speed by city).


Prevents the wheels from skidding and therefore losing grip.



The rotation of the wheels through the steering wheel is assisted by making it smoother at low speeds and harder at high speeds to avoid swerving and losing control.

Notice of involuntary lane change with assistant director. The vehicle warns the driver when he is about to leave the lane he is travelling through if the corresponding intermittent is not used, the vehicle itself redirecting the address autonomously if the driver ignores the signals. In most of the systems that are currently mounted, the lane detection function is performed by the front camera installed behind the windshield and works from certain speeds, since it is a system designed for non-urban areas.



Guarantees the contact of the four wheels with the road. If the suspension is active, it acts on each wheel making the tracings of the curves safer.

Dead angle detection 

This system alerts the driver when he is going to perform a lane change maneuver and activates the intermittent by means of a luminous device usually located in the mirror itself, avoiding accidents if a vehicle approaches and we have not seen it when being in the car. dead angle.


The rigidity of the vehicle and its aerodynamics (height, width, inclination of the moons …) greatly influence stability.


Air conditioning system, ergonomics of the seats … it is also included as active safety because if the driver is not comfortable, he loses attention when driving. Within this point it is essential to know how to position yourself in the seat both in height, distance to the pedals and inclination for comfort, to avoid fatigue and so that the security systems such as airbag and belt do their function well (below you have a video explanatory).

Fatigue detector

This system analyzes the driver’s attitudes in his driving, the placement of hands on the steering wheel and in some cases studies the behavior of the eyes. In addition to the duration of the trip and the time of day, will make the system warn the driver with a sound or visual signal to make a stop and rest.



We need it to see better and we are seen and also serve to warn of maneuvers and special situations. I remember some important details of the lighting and some new features:


It is essential that they work well and that you use them whenever you are going to make a turn to warn the other drivers in advance. Use the four indicators to warn of any anomaly or dangerous situation.

Brake lights

Essential for the driver behind you to know that you will slow down or stop. Since the installation of the third brake light became mandatory in the year 2000, the scope accidents have decreased considerably.

Anti- fog

It is a light used to improve the lighting of the road in case of fog, snow, storm or cloud of dust. The backs are mandatory on all vehicles and the optional front. Do not use them when it is not necessary since they can disturb others as happens with long distance lights.

LCD or daytime running lights

They are mandatory for all newly manufactured vehicles in Europe since February 2011. They turn on automatically and only go on the front. They make us more visible.


White lights that illuminate much more and have greater reach. For this reason they have an automatic adjustment of the height to avoid dazzling the rest of the road users.



Composed of tens and even hundreds of LEDs that selectively illuminate a zone of the road. They always circulate with the road lights on, because cameras and sensors detect the vehicles that precede us and those that come in the opposite lane, deactivating progressively and dynamically the LEDs necessary to avoid glare, involving the vehicles. In this way we continue to have powerful and wide lighting with safety.

Turn lights

They can be static that turn on when turning or dynamics that turn as you turn the steering wheel. We illuminate the sides when we make turns.


Windows, windows and mirrors are part of active safety so it is essential to have a good fit and cleanliness to have a safe driving.

If there is ice, you should remove it with a specific scraper for that purpose or with alcohol. You can avoid this ice by covering the moons with some cardboard, sheet or canvas and even spray the moons with a special product. To prevent the windshield wipers from sticking together, you can leave them unfolded when the car is going to stay outdoors for a long time at low temperatures. If there is condensation, you should eliminate it by using the car’s antilog systems.

These are usually the heating with dry air for the front window and windows and the resistances in the rear window and in the mirrors. It is not recommended to eliminate it with paper or rags. You can also treat the crystals with anti-fog products. Remember to always keep the liquid reservoir full for cleaning the windows. It is advisable to buy specific products and antifreeze if you live in very cold areas. Change the wiper blades once a year or as soon as you notice that they do not clean properly. If you live in areas of a lot of rain it may be good to apply a water repellent to the crystals. With this product the drops of water slip a lot and it is not even necessary to use the windshield wipers.

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