Smart Egg Tray – Quirky Egg Minder Reviews, Pros and Cons

Quirky Egg Minder – Best Smart Egg Tray 

Are you looking for Smart Egg Tray for your Kitchen? then you are at right place.

The recent development in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) has seen new products and offerings which aim to make our lives easier by providing tools for managing work through our phone using apps.

Quirky Egg Minder Smart egg tray is one such kitchen Gadget with app. It provides a wink app enabled egg tray for keeping track of the freshness of eggs and help in managing the stock.

Eggs are an important part of our daily diet – whether it be just for breakfast as boiled eggs or for other items in the other courses.

smart egg tray

Smart Egg Tray – Quirky Egg Minder

They are excellent sources of protein.But those who handle eggs will know that they often tend to become stale if kept for a long time and end up rotting.

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Best Kitchen Gadget – Smart Egg Tray

Acting as a another best kitchen gadget like Air Fryer, Egg Minder is a smart device with a smartphone app for viewing details about the eggs along with their freshness.

Thus, it can help in deciding whether he egg is stale and dispose of it at the right time and avoid unnecessary wastage.

smart egg tray

Smart Egg Tray

Quirky, the manufacturing company, is a collaborative invention community where people can pitch their ideas online and help in creating innovative products, based on the votes gathered for them. Coming from such a product line, the smart egg tray is also an innovative addition to their products.

The smart egg tray can hold 14 eggs and is powered by two AA batteries, which is included with the product. The cups have weight sensors on the bottom so that it can detect the presence of the eggs when placed on it.

The cups are fitted with LED lights at the tops which turn blue to indicate the oldest egg in the tray meaning that it should be consumed first.

The next oldest egg cup’s light turns blue so as to indicate the order of consumption. The inbuilt WiFi chip helps in syncing with the Quirky Wink app on a smartphone.

Wink Egg Minder

The app keeps a track of the freshness by using the buying date of the eggs and the custom-set freshness length with which it decides the order of freshness of the eggs in the tray. The egg holder is priced at $4 which is pretty Low, even with the included features and the sensors.

wink app enabled egg tray

wink app enabled egg tray

The Egg Minder product comes with the Quirky Wink app which shows a graphical view of the egg tray on the screen and an interactive way of touching on the virtual eggs to see their freshness and the arrival date details.

A red ring appears on the eggs which have exceeded the period and probably gone bad.

It also sends a push notification to the connected smartphone when the eggs are running low. The Quirky Wink app works with Android 2.2 and higher and with iOS 6 and higher. It is compatible with both Android phones and tablets.

The default freshness period set by the Quirky Wink app is 28 days, with options to change it according to your choices. The app can help during shopping where you can just check your stock on it.

Along with alerts for expiring eggs, it also shows the total number of eggs you have stored in the tray and makes it easier to decide how many to buy during shopping.

At the same time, this glitch can end up wasting more eggs than saving them if they are not detected by the app properly.

User Reviews of egg minder quirky

Here are some of the most genuine user based reviews of the product Quick Egg Minder . Also these are reviews form a verified purchases that means no fake reviews.

Read our Users Reviews

◆  The egg minder smart egg tray comes with a pretty good design and is easy to handle.The product dimensions are, however, satisfactory. It seems to be made up of high-quality plastic and acrylic which is definitely a plus point.

◆  Egg minder quirky in a gorgeous (think Apple) packaging  and its actually very good looking and feels sturdy .

◆  It comes in a great packaging and looks sleek.Compared to other products from Quirky, an advantage in this product is that it is Wink App ready, meaning that setting up the Wink Hub (a separate device) is no longer required.

◆  However, some users have mentioned that the total egg count on the app is not always correct and it can be a huge downer for prospective users.

◆  Similarly, another shortcoming of the Quirky Wink app is that the freshness indicator becomes useless if an egg is taken out or replaced.

◆  Some of the users of this smart egg tray have complained about the batteries dying too soon.

◆  Few users have also mentioned that the red rings for indicating bad eggs don’t always come up, which is another big glitch and a downer.

◆  There is an ON/OFF sliding switch below the product along with the battery compartment.According to Amazon where the smart egg tray can be bought, the product weighs around 1.18 kg which is pretty heavy.

Pros and Cons of egg minder smart egg tray

Bellow are few must known Pros and Cons of our egg minder smart egg tray.


• Long Battery Life.

• Low Cost- Easy affordable.

• Good capacity  for a small household.

• Looks pretty good and works great.

• Wink app works in android 2.2 and above


• Connecting issues while syncing with the phone app

• Wrong indication of freshness due to the replacement of eggs.

• Bit tricky to stick with it despite the glitches.

Final Words 

Despite all the issues, the product idea is definitely very innovative and cool. This egg minder smart egg tray is a great choice for those wishing to test a smart home setup or for fun.

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