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Social Media Helps Blogger

Social Media Helps Blogger ? If you want to get success at blogging. Then ranking your posts in SERP is not all you have to consider. As well as you have to concentrate on social media and make it work for you.

There is no doubt that social media is a great way to get traffic to your blog. Get yourself affiliated sales and so on. But the question is are you using this social media hype in a correct way to generate leads or sales?

Well if you are not. Then we have handpicked some of the top steps that you need to consider to make use of the social media hype. You can also try  to hire SEO Services providing company if you want to succeed in blogging. Yes, Social Media Helps Blogger.

social media helps Blogger

Hype of Social Media :

Create Headlines:

catchy headlines

As we have just mentioned that social media is a great way to generate traffic. But the thing is that you have to write click baits to make the audience click on your blog link.

There are so many blogs out there who focuses on Social Media traffic as well as Search Engine traffic to double up their revenue. Hence they spend hours and hours just to create the perfect headline for their content.

For example, if your content headline is “Top Web Hosting Provides of 2018” then you may not get many clicks.

But if you make some tweaks in the headline and keep it as the “Top Inexpensive Web Hosting Provides of 2018 That You Must Try Out” then it will automatically increase the clicks.

So if you want to use social media to get traffic to your blog, then do focus more on the headline rather than writing a great article.   As stated earlier, if you are not able to understand then you can hire a SEO Services Company.


Use Attractive Images:

share at time

Apart from images, the other thing that is important is the images. You need to make sure that your blog post’s featured image is pretty attractive.

The social media users are mostly going to ignore your catchy headline, but if you are adding a catchy image. Then your content will get less ignored as well as you will be able to get more contents.

To make your images attractive and catchy, you can use text overlays. Use vibrant colours and photographs and so on.

Also to get a better idea, you can have a look at your competitor’s page and see which type of images they are using. And then do try to implement it on your blog’s content and see if it is working for you or not.

Share at the Right Time:

social media helps blogger mail

Even after wring a catchy headline and using an attractive image you might not get many sales. And the reason behind this is that most of the social media users are offline.

Hence to get maximum engagement on your contents, you have to find the perfect time when most of the users are online.

However, finding the perfect posting time will need lots of experiment. You have to post contents almost every hour to find out the ideal time.

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