Time Kufc, one of the weird retro games online

Retro Games Online – With all the free video games online you can download and play, there are bound to be some weird ones. Time Kufc is definitely one of the weird retro games online.

As far as weird games go, Time Kufc is one of the very weird retro games online, at least story-wise. It is confusing concept of time is sure throw players in for a loop when they’re not trying to discover level solutions in this puzzle/platforming online game.

Game Developer Information

Time Kufc is a small web flash game co-created by game designer Edmund McMillen. While this game is generally obscure, he’s currently joined in a partnership with game programmer Tommy Refenes to create Super Meat Boy,* a currently hot-selling game marketed on Xbox Live Arcade, the PC, and, eventually, the Wii.

This one of the retro games online was also created by designer William Good. According to his Newgrounds page, he’s associated with the site Neon Sumo, a web design site that allegedly runs on eco-friendly servers.

The music for the game was created by Justin Kerpel.

Game Description

According to the creators of Time Kufc, the overall premise and purpose of this game is as follows:

“Time [Kufc] is a play on how if one changes around the letters in a word even though it means nothing logically, we all still see it as something that it’s not.” – Team Kufc (Time Kufc creators)

This is only an excerpt of the whole summary, which can be found on the game’s Kongregate page.

However, this does little to actually explain the story of the game. Time Kufc begins with the main character, a small silhouette looking man, coming across a box in the middle of his path. Another person emerges from the box, claiming to be him, twenty minutes into the future. His allegedly future self explains that it’s of the utmost importance that he enter the box. When coaxing doesn’t work, his future self decides to forcibly shove him in, trapping him inside the box.

After being forced into the box, he begins to receive strange messages from himself at different points in time. With no other alternative other than being trapped in the box for eternity, he begins his quest to solve all the puzzles in the box in order to escape. As he progresses through his journey, he starts to hear mentions of a mysterious entity known as “Steve.”

This one of the best retro games online has two different endings, which could probably be interpreted as good and bad, though players may just categorize them as weird and weird. The endings depend entirely on how the player decides to end the final puzzle.

Game Play Information

The laws of time and physics have no meaning in the box that the player character is trapped in. The main mechanic in Time Kufc is the ability to switch dimensions; this brings objects in the background to the foreground. This is a positively crucial element needed to solve the majority of the puzzles throughout the game.

The levels themselves have two different ways to reach the goal, depending on the level that’s being played. Some levels only need the player to find the exit by switching dimensions and avoiding obstacles. Other levels require the player to collect several keys before the exit is activated. Dimension switching can be done at any time, except for levels that don’t require it.

If a puzzle becomes too difficult, it can skipped by “sleeping” through it. It must be noted that the player can only due this twice in the game, so the player needs to be absolutely sure about a level they wish to skip.

Game Replay Value

Time Kufc surprisingly has quite a bit of replay value. After beating the game, selecting the ‘Start’ option will simply take you back to the final level, perhaps to allow the player to try the other ending they may have missed. Despite this, there’s more to this game that allows players to keep coming back to it.

This is due to the custom level creator programmed into the game. If the player has an active account on Newgrounds, they will be able to use a variety of tools at their disposal to create their own levels. These user generated levels can be accessed individually through a level select system. However, the player can also choose to have the game randomly select a number of user made levels and arrange them into a whole new “campaign mode.”

With the growing number of levels being generated, the possibilities for these “new games” can be endless. This is especially important since there doesn’t seem to be an option to start the initial story mode over again.

Game Overview

Time Kufc is a very strange game with a very strange story. It has an interesting “dimension swapping” mechanic that’s used to clear stages, and can be quite difficult at times. The ability to generate user made content allows for infinite types of “new games,” each one being made with different levels in different orders.

Overall, Time Kufc can be very entertaining, albeit very weird and a bit confusing.


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