Top 10 best funny Christmas songs

If the original Top 10 Funny Christmas Songs didn’t offer enough holiday satire, silliness and Santa-esque chuckles, here’s a few more of the season’s funniest songs to help you counteract yet another shopping mall speaker blasting George Michael’s complaints about your rejection of his heart as a present last Christmas, or broadcasting Mariah Carey’s obsession with wanting you for Christmas.

(Of course, as those songs might very well be about body parts as gifts, and cannibalism, perhaps we should add them to the list after all…)

  1. Hey Santa Claus (Kevin Bloody Wilson)

This one is expressly not for the kiddies. Subtlety is definitely not Kevin Bloody Wilson’s strong suit (as his stage name would suggest). As ever, he crams his songs with plenty of choice expletives, but as always, it’s very funny stuff.

  1. I Hate Christmas (Ren and Stimpy)

Ren waxes sentimental with some holiday blues about all the things he can’t stand about Christmas. It’s not all happy, happy, joy, joy and the voice may be grating, but the song itself is great.

  1. Christmas Eve Song (Simpsons)

The whole town of Springfield chime in for this prolonged Christmas complaint to the tune of the Nutcracker Suite: Tchaikovsky would be shaking his head in quiet dismay over the musical mayhem done to his masterpiece. Listen in particular for the contribution of the crazy cat lady…

  1. Merry Christmas Song (Family Guy)

Not to be outdone, the season 10 Christmas special of Family Guy had to go one funnier with an original song on all the disturbing things the cast really want from Santa this year. Some of the rhymes are particularly sensational!

  1. Redneck 12 Days of Christmas (Jeff Foxworthy)

There are lots of rewrites of that song about what your true love lugged along to present to you for a week and a half, but this is one of the classics. Cans of spam and old car parts are clearly essential ingredients for any truly happy Christmas celebration.

  1. Elves’ Work Song (Futurama)

This television show’s rendition of “Santa Claus is Running You Down” rates an honourable mention, but the wry humour of the lyrics here as we go behind the scenes of the Christmas workshop and find out what life might really be like makes this a winner.

  1. Carol of the Old Ones (The HP Lovecraft Historical Society)

This is either wonderfully creepy, or really really disturbing. Maybe both. A bunch of horror fiction fans released a couple of hilarious albums dedicated to their idol, including this gothic rewrite of the Carol of the Bells. Honestly – what’s the holiday season without a timely call of doom as the dark monsters of our nightmares awaken and come out to play?

  1. Walking Around In Women’s Underwear (Bob Rivers)

One of the most nauseating and twee Christmas classics gets a serious makeover by a wonderful satirist. The charm is in the fact the lyrics fit so beautifully that it can take a listener a moment or two to actually realize what they’re listening to. Priceless.

  1. I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus (Dr Demento)

The original and the best rewrite of that terrible droning old tune about Mommy cosying up with the man in red: this version gives the story the obvious twist, but as the plot is – er – unwrapped, things start getting interesting…

  1. I Farted on Santa’s Lap (The Little Stinkers)

We said they were funny. We didn’t say they were classy. And yes – this one’s self-explanatory…

Certainly there are plenty of excruciating attempts at musical Christmas humour out there, but occasionally you come across an hilarious gift of satirical song. Feel free to add any of your favourites that have been missed here in the comments below, but don’t tell George Michael and Mariah we think their Christmas classics are the musical equivalent of the presents the reindeer leave for Santa to shovel…


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