Top 5 apps in 2021

Hello everyone here it is we have gathered information for the most popular android applications which are very useful in our daily life. The apps which we discussed are the most common and free applications for the android users.

  1. GBWhatsapp
  2. Google find my device
  3. Whatsonflix
  4. Tiny scanner
  5. Airdroid

1. GB WhatsApp:-

GB WhatsApp

    It is one of the messaging app for mobile users. It is an alternative for the WhatsApp on of the popular chatting app for android. every smartphone user is now aware of WhatsApp.

GBWhatsapp apk is Advanced version the whatsapp which offers the ultimate feature which is not available in the Normal Whatsapp.along with those who need to use the multiple accounts of WhatsApp then it is also a best option to use it.

Features :-

  1. Customizable application icon
  2. Auto replay feature
  3. Long time status upto 7 minutes
  4. Manageable themes.
  5. We can choose a third party video player to play the videos.


                 Sometimes the accounts are blocked and not unblocked so it is better to not use this app for the main account phone number better to use with a temporary phone number.

2. Google Find My device.

Google Find My device

         Google finds my device is one the ultimate app for 2021 it is free and handy which comes to find the theft or lost mobile have the best features like locating the device,resetting the pin or password, erasing all the sensitive data.


  1. Know the location of lost data
  2. Access it from laptop, desktop,iphone. No need to add another android device.
  3. We can wipe out the data from remotely
  4. Lock the phone which we have lost
  5. Play the soundtrack to trace the mobile phone.

3. Whatsonflix

     Whatsonflix is one of the free and best app for android and IOS users. This app is very helpful and gives updates on what to watch next on netflix.this app is help fill in discovering,filtering,searching latest series and is an independent app developed to get rid of the catalog stuff. If you want to read more please go through this link


  1. Free app for netflix lovers.
  2. Available all the netflix catalog in this app.
  3. Daily updates and listings.
  4. Frequent app improvement updates.
  5. Boundless search of netflix.

4.Tiny scanner

Tiny scanner

      Tiny Scanner is the best alternative for the cam Scanner and it is free of cost. It is used to scan the documents and convert the images into pdf files.This application will help to get rid of the frustration from the use of scanning machines. We can name the scans and name the files in onedrive,google drive,dropbox etc.


  1. Free app for converting image to document.
  2. Easy to operate.
  3. Easy to name and store in cloud.

5. Airdroid


    We all know that nowadays file transfer in android devices and PC are important and Airdroid is one of the best apps for file transfer from mobile and PC. This app will enable wireless connection between mobile and PC. So with this we can answer calls, read messages, get app notifications etc.


  1. Wireless connection
  2. Easy to connect with PC
  3. Get all the notifications including phone calls.

Conclusion:- We have gathered the best and free android applications of all the time for you the best of best then we will need to get the most of the applications on your mobile. Do you have any queries please comment below.


Author: lamsheep 24

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