Popular VR Boxes in World-Top VR Headsets for Gaming

Top VR Headsets for Gaming

Virtual reality has been a long time coming, but today it is easier than ever to find an immersive experience and take your first VR measures adventures like the Samsung Gear VR, the new Google Daydream View, or the do-it-yourself Google Cardboard. But which one should you choose?

top vr headsets for gaming

top VR headsets for gaming

There’s a whole lot of variety in the technology, from the top VR headsets you can buy to the programs you may play and the platforms which support them. Some simply need a smartphone to plug in, others use video games consoles or PC software to play.

According to my experience, I am going to share some best VR Headset Boxes below.

Popular VR Boxes in World

Below we will look at some of the Best Buy VR Headset  in 2018

1. Google Cardboard

2. Oculus Rift

3. HTC Live

4. Samsung Gear VR

5. PlayStation VR

1. Google Cardboard

Google's Cardboard headset is the cheapest, easiest way to experience virtual reality. It truly looks like something you could knock up on Blue Peter. Just lock your smartphone into the cardboard case and download the Google Cardboard program to get started.

Google card board

The setup is pretty basic and it has a tiny magnetic switch on the side that can be used to do simple actions in games or adventures.

The Cardboard is perfect if you want to care for your children to their virtual reality experience without overspending. Some great apps include Google Arts and Culture or Inside VR, which has a variety of videos and documentaries.

2. Oculus Rift

Now you can pick up the Oculus with handheld touch controllers, which can be shaped to feel like you are actually using your hands as opposed to a clunky controller.

It's also had a permanent price drop to below #400, meaning now may be the ideal time to pick up a Top VR headsets for less. It may work with an Xbox One control and you stream games through your Xbox via a PC.

Oculus Rift

Facebook-owned Oculus Rift offers some of the greatest experiences in virtual reality and has become synonymous with the technology.

Oculus has some terrific apps in its store, from the fast-paced Robo Recall shooter, space flights in Eve Valkyrie and terrifying horror experiences in Resident Evil: Bio hazard. The headset itself has immersive OLED panels with 2160 x 1200 resolution for enormous immersion.

3. HTC Vive

Most games cost in the region of $15 to $35, compared with a number of free or cheap virtual reality games that can be purchased for mobile devices. With a recent price cut, the Vive is appearing cheaper at under $600, but it is still expensive.

It has some terrific games available such as Doom, Fallout 4 and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-reality. You may read the Telegraph's full review of the HTC Vive here.


One of the most immersive virtual reality experiences it's possible to get, the HTC Vive works with PC, however, you'll need a computer or notebook with a powerful enough graphics card to play.

HTC' s headset has been constructed to work with Valve, the gaming company that runs the Steam online game shop. Like the Oculus it's a 2160 x 1200 OLED screen for a brilliant image.

4. Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR has existed since 2015 but remains among the best ways to get a virtual reality experience on mobile, providing you have a Samsung device. Unlike most other digital reality apps for Android, Gear VR uses programs made for Oculus Rift.

There are some fantastic games on the Platform such as Mine craft and Eve Gun jack. Samsung QHD screens provide a more immersive experience for their apps.

Samsung Gear VR

It costs around $28 more to bring a handheld controller. These top vr headsets is now compatible with different generations of Samsung's phones, from the S6 and afterward, offering plenty of ways for consumers to get a virtual reality hit.

5. PlayStation VR

PSVR certainly has one of those appearances of a number of those reality kits. Some of the great games you can play it include Far Point, Resident Evil: Bio hazard and Batman Arkham VR.

Playstation VR

A long-awaited top VR headsets from Sony came last year, bringing virtual reality to home consoles.

It's among the easiest virtual reality headsets for serious gamers. Most the games to the PSVR can be carried out with your Dual shock control, but to get more from the experience you can grab some Move controllers.

You'll also have to find a PlayStation Camera to operate the headset.

How to choose a Top VR headsets for Gaming

1. Instead, for a high-end experience, you could splash out on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which both have PC level gaming ability and a range of advanced games to enjoy.

2. For simple games that would not look weird on a mobile phone, you could turn to Google's Daydream VR View or Samsung's Gear VR, or one of a range of third-party virtual reality headsets that can work with your iOS or Android smartphone.

3. If you just want a device that can run through some 360-degree videos or simple interactive experiences then Google's Cardboard headset (yes, it is actually made of cardboard) is the cheapest alternative.

4. When choosing a headset you will want to decide whether you want it for serious gaming or casual virtual reality experiences.

Gamer's Choice

Oculus Rift

As mentioned earlier all these top VR headsets are extremely good and you can easily get 360 Degree view while watching movies and playing games without facing any problems. But if you have to go with the one, I recommend you go with Oculus Rift as it is highly safe and not just that, it is easy to use and very convenient while  gaming.You can also say it is the best buy VR headset for your smartphones or any other gaming devices.

With the development of the technology, new options are being added to VR which ensure various features built into them.

This will reduce dependency on accessories and provide a experience of completeness to users.It is compatible with most of the smartphones in the market and has an easy to use.

Final Words

There are other VR too available in the market that Satisfy all your gaming needs, but the mentioned above VR are really top VR headsets and  personally recommended by Many Gamers.

Try any of the above VR  and get 360 gaming and virtual reality experience. Play all your fun games with top VR headsets & best Gaming Monitor 2020  with your girl friend. and Kids.

The above tips should come in handy during shopping and help in choosing the Top VR Headsets for your needs.

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