Travel wear – Leopard for women over 40 and 50

Women’s travel clothes can always use an animal print or two. It is so easy to dress one’s age in zebra, leopard, giraffe, or cheetah prints because they are classic. This trend, for 2009, works for Boomer Chicks and almost everyone over the age of five.

Women’s Travel Wear

Why should women incorporate the trendy animal print look? Well, it’s flattering, it hides dirt, it camouflages fat and bulges, and it’s cute and fun. Plus darker shades like leopard go so well with basic black.

Leopard Print Trench Coat

A tan trench coat is elegant and classic, but an animal print trench coat is so much better for travel. If the print is dark enough, a chick can spill airport coffee on it, and it won’t really show. Think about that.

And, what is more elegant than a leopard print coat over a black cashmere turtleneck and black slacks or black jeans? This is a look that works from London to Melbourne to China and back. For quick escapes, a gal can tuck her messy hair up into a cashmere beret and be off for the weekend in 5 minutes. No makeup, no problem. Add dark sunglasses.

The brown and black shades are really so flattering to most complexions. And hey, animal prints are sexy. But, don’t overdo the leopard print outfit.

Zebra Print Dresses

A giraffe or zebra print dress can be a lot of fun. While leopard style and cheetah looks are classic, giraffe and zebra step out of the box. Black and white is hip, though fair types may have more problems pulling off this trend, because zebra flair is usually better for gals with silver / white or black tresses. It can work for almost anyone, but a lot depends on the size of the print and the hues and tones in the fabric.

Save the pink animal prints for Barbie or girls who just stopped playing with dolls. Fashionistas with big-time cash may be able to pull off this look, when it’s from a true couture house, but regular Boomer Chicks have to wear purple zebra or pink giraffe with an attitude and that attitude takes a while to perfect. Most of the time, animal / sequin combos are similarly difficult, though they can rock after dark.

Unusual colors aren’t impossible, but they sometimes read like trailer trash, if not done right. Of course, there are the obvious exceptions to this rule, like Diane von Furstenburg dresses. DVF and a very few other brands somehow circumvent common logic and bring chic offbeat items to the average gal.

An Animal Print Wrap Dress

The best of all worlds, for travel, is probably a wrap dress in an animal print. It will fit on fat days and skinny days. It won’t show dirt like a solid fabric. It’s a truly hip look. And, this piece multitasks from bathrobe to beach cover up.

Animal Accessories

An easy way to add something trendy to a basic black wardrobe is to add an animal print in an accessory. Pick one:

Leopard print hat

  • Shoes: Zebra or leopard flats
  • Wrap or Scarf
  • Handbag – Kate Spade, Be&D, Fendi and more.
  • Leopard Print Gloves
  • It’s easy to wake up a basic black, classic tan, beautiful brown, or gorgeous gray wardrobe with animal prints. This is a “dress your age” trend that is almost foolproof.

Women’s Business Clothing – Fashion Trends

Women’s business clothing can include many great fall fashion trends. Fashion colors include reds, jewel tones, grays, leopard prints, and hats.

Boomer Chicks will have to brace themselves, so they don’t get inundated with new trends like over-the-knee boots or little-girl ruffles. There are, however, lots of cute trendy pieces that will go to work, on to dinner, and off into the weekend or the wild blue.

Now, more than ever, when money’s tight, women need to jump start their basic blacks and boring neutrals. So, here are some ideas, under $200, to perk up Boomer Chicks who are living on the measliest of paychecks.

Fashion Trends

Some of the great trends that work for adult women are:

  • Reds
  • Jewel Tones
  • Gray
  • Camel (Yes, mother was right.)
  • Leopard (Mother was wrong.)
  • Paisley
  • Hats

Women’s Business Clothing

There are quite a few pitfalls to avoid. Plaid with ruffles may look cute on Cindy Loo Who, but adult women run the risk of looking like Ma from Little House on the Prairie. Actually, plaid button-down shirts should be approached with caution, for obvious reasons, although plaid blouses in luxe fabrics and colors can really rock.

Leopard can easily be overdone at work, so make sure animal prints are smart-looking rather than wild. Puff sleeves and ruffles are another potential landmine, but they can be quite flattering when the stars are in alignment and great care is taken. Here are some possible wardrobe updates for standard work wear or business casual days:


Most reds should be easy to add to basic black pieces and almost all neutral work wear. Current reds include American Beauty (Pantone Color) and Nancy-Reagan-style power red.

  • Nordstrom’s Ellen Tracy Short Belted Trench Coat
  • DKNY Twill Trench in flame
  • Kate Spade ‘Small Bri’ Hobo purse at Nordstrom
  • Betmar Stovepipe Cloche in red
  • Marlyn Schiff Stretch Bracelet at Neiman’s (clever and trendy)

Jewel Tones

Last loved by Boomer Chicks in the 80s, jewel tone clothing and accessories are finally back. Women should stock up on items in jewel tone fabrics, as there may be another 30-year drought.

  • Jones New York Notched Collar Sweater-Jacket in berry
  • Ralph Lauren Anastasia Stretch Poplin Shirt
  • Amber Sun Cable Cardigan
  • Ribbon Cloche Hat at Banana Republic in military blue
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction Coat, Updated Pea Coat in reef
  • Kensie Blazer with Striped Cuffs in royal blue
  • Crewneck Cardigan in green
  • Pink Tartan Cable Cardigan Navy / Purple


Suddenly every shade of gray is hip. It’s just a paler form of black, and black is always trendy, whether or not the fashion gods decree it, so gray is beatnik hip. Wear a gray beret.

  • Michael Kors ‘Digital Tweed’ Jacket
  • Nine West Hat, Felt Cloche
  • Wool-Blend Peacoat or the Long-Sleeve Marled Cardigan at Banana Republic


Mother was right. A good camel coat will never go out of style.

  • DKNY Wool Blend Walking Coat (brilliant with black)
  • DKNY Raincoat A-Line Trench
  • Jeanne Simmons Mohair Knit Beret


A little leopard (or other animal print) goes a long way. Think about elegant Old Hollywood movie stars and how they slunk around in leopard prints, and probably real leopard coats, but no one is advocating real leopard fur.

  • DKNY Tie Front Silk Cardigan
  • EEK! by Eugenia Kim Cloche Hat
  • Leopard print gloves


When purchasing a paisley garment for work, look for a paisley print which is similar, in feel, to a beautiful man’s tie.

The best (most flattering) paisley prints often include jewel tones.

  • Ralph Lauren “Aaron” Paisley Shirt
  • Echo ‘Gypsy’ Jersey Scarf at Nordstrom
  • London Town Shirt (a bit over $200 but worth it)

In reality, almost any trend can be adapted to work wear. All it takes is taste. Keep things simple and beautiful. A smart gal doesn’t need a wheelbarrow full of money.


Author: knowledge herald

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