Types Of Gamers You Will Find Online

Gaming community is full of surprises!


Its been more than 8 years since I have been playing video games. Its hard to count how many people I have came across in all these years while online gaming. There’s ton of personalities that I’ve seen or types of gamers I must say. I am sure you must’ve met people who made you fell in love with gaming but few of them made you hate it as well. The thing is, without any spice the world would be tasteless. Just that’s how, if every gamer is same it won’t be really fun. Isn’t it? I have compiled a little fun graphics about several types of gamers that we usually find online. Let’s take a look below.



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Found your gamer type yet?

I am sure you must’ve had an experience with each of them. Right? Let me know in the comments which type of gamer are you.

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