Zaap Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth Headphone – Best Underwater Wireless Headphones

Zaap Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth HeadphoneUnderwater Wireless Headphones


So you wanted to have some awesome music on your soft ears? And you wanted to have some sort core songs while Swimming? You wanna find best underwater wireless headphones ? You wanna hear it when the weather isn’t fair enough, during rain? 

The question to all your queries and doubts comes to an end with the new ZAAP Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth Headphone – Underwater wireless headphones  . The ZAAP Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth headphone is a new best underwater wireless headphones from ZAAP Electronics Company, working in USA, Germany, India.In India, it’s located and working up to their from Mathura Road, New Delhi.

ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth headphone has got a stylish premium finish and has magnets that connect the two ear buds attracting each other. The device could be controlled via Bluetooth of the mobile phone and can be connected to more than one mobile phone. The device works so well echoes like a beat boxer on your ears.

The device produces a great audio quality. Meaning, you’re gonna enjoy listening to the music fullest.The device can be charged using a Micro USB charger cable using a 120mAh rechargeable Lithium ion battery. That turns the headphone fully charged in just 30 minutes and standby time being 6 hrs long runs without any hiccup. The all new ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth headphone has a latest bluetooth version 4.1 having 33 feet of range. Meaning you’ll be able to control the device at distance of 33 feet maximum. Easy to use as the device gets connected to the smartphones and tablets in a jiffy.


underwater wireless headphones


Pure apt codec system helps provide perfect CD like high-quality music on your heads on compatible mobile devices.The ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth headphone allows you to get an instant calling feature. You wanted to do some workout and alongside hear some workout songs then ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth headphone gives you an amazing feature to use it almost anywhere, anytime. Since the device is completely water-proof and sweat proof, so it can be used while walking, during rain, and other activities. Although it’s water repellent but should not be poured into the water for longer duration of time. Zaap Aqua is one of the Best Underwater wireless headphones in the market.

Most Interesting Thing s about these product

The ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth headphone can be converted into a beautiful necklace by joint both ear buds when not in use. A very nice way to carry the magnetic headphone when not in use.The ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth headphone offers a nice cancellation feature allowing only music into your soft ears and discarding other background and unwanted noise. With a snug on it can make you feel more comfortable using the device.

The ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth headphone is completely IPX5 Certified product. So you can make stingusih from other devices and make believe on it. The  Best Underwater Wireless Headphones – ZAAP Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth headphone will be available in two color variants namely blue and black only.


Inside the box

Inside the ZAAP Aqua magnetic Bluetooth headphone you’ll have a ZAAP Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth headphones, portable carry case(a small size case having zipper), user guide, Extra Ear tips(2 pairs), Micro USB charger cable and thank you card.

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User Reviews – Best Underwater Wireless headphones

You know what reviews always proves a sensible and useful to make you purchase the desirable items from the online market. They provide an insight of what the product actually does and how effective it is for you. A review is basically a basic idea of what the old user of the device has experienced in a limited period of time.It really played a crucial role in buying/selling a product from the online and offline market place.

So here are some of the most genuine user based reviews of the product ZAAP Aqua Magnetic bluetooth headphone. Also these are reviews form a verified purchases that means no fake reviews.

Read Our users reviews

◆ ZAAP Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth headphone is really amazing and best underwater wireless headphones, As a sports person my headphone is completely wrapped up with sweat and moisture but this headphone gives an amazing support.Battery life is excellent as it survived for about 9 hrs long on a single stretch by charging once in a day for 30 minutes only.Overall all the features included in this headphone is amazing and makes this a must have product.


◆ Today is my first day with this device and is working 99.9% great with my mobile phone..Sound quality is also good. Playing time, charging time, and notice cancellation is awesome on this price range.


◆ Very good product at this price. Good sound effect, with for 4-5hrs of playback time.  And proactive customer service.


◆ Product is good, design is nice, better voice quality, good fitting in ear, good connectivity. But two things needs to be improved.

i) Size of war buds should be small so that it looks cool .

ii) You should improve notice cancellation in order to avoid any secondary voice and loud voice while in market place.


◆ Product is worth Buying. Clarity is good and noise cancellation is also good. Able to make/take a call when driving and the person opposite to call gets clear voice without any blunt noise.


◆ It’s a complete unique product. It made listening to music a different experience!! Good bass and treble mix up.  Works wonderfully. Whatever BT earphones gives a really low hiss while sitting idle while this earphone gives no hiss and works well.


◆ The sound provide to be a soothing. They fit in ears so perfectly that does’nt make a pain after long use. Magnets at ear buds work so well that they connect instantly. At a single use I find it so amazing and should be recommended as its a value for money.


◆ Completely worth the money. Build quality and sound quality is good .Best bluetooth headphone, perfectly designed, clear and crisp sound quality, large battery life, fast charging up, long bluetooth range, easy to use carry case.  


Pros and Cons 

Bellow are few Pros and Cons of  ZAAP Aqua Magnetic Bluetooth headphone – Best Underwater Wireless Headphones.


•  It’s an Water-Resistant

•  It has Magnetic Ear-bud

•  Portable and Easy to Carry

•  It Comes with Micro USB charger

•  It Has Extra Ear Piece (2 pair)

•  Good & Friendly Customer Service

•  Awesome Audio Quality

•  Sweet Proof

 Volume Controller

•  Light signal

•  Incredible Standby Time

•  Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows

•  Long-Lasting Battery Life

•  Multi-Connection

•  Portable to Use


•  Treble somewhat makes a trouble

•  Also the ears sometimes makes you feel pain due to different size of ears of different being.

•  Almost no other faults has been found yet despite the price.

Final Words 

Despite of few negative review, ZAAP Aqua  is definitely the best underwater wireless headphones. This water resistant bluetooth headset is a great choice for those wishing to hear a song while swimming or for fun.It can definitely be recommended for Music Lovers and Sportsmen.


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