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Videos allow businesses to bring their brands to life by evoking strong emotions in their audiences. A brand is like a story which is constantly changing and evolving, and videos allow brands to keep their audiences connected with their stories. They create authentic relationships between brands and customers, and they encourage engagement through reactions and comments. Through social networks, the interaction between a business and its customers takes place in real time, and it is a great way to build trust and increase customer loyalty. However, in order for videos to actually bring you all these benefits, you must learn the basics of video Promotion & marketing. Keep on reading, to learn how to make the most of your videos and use them to full potential.


This is the oldest and most obvious way to use video Promotion & content, and despite the increasing popularity of the internet, the television is still the best way to send a message to a large audience. Commercials are usually targeted geographically, but they can also be targeted based on age and sex, if you plan them during the times of the day when your ideal customers are more likely to watch TV, or during the TV-shows that your audiences are more likely to watch.


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The beauty of animations is that they appeal to audiences of all ages. Moreover, they also create strong emotions in the audience, since animations are associated with fun and entertainment. Businesses often use animations to explain complex concepts, but animations can be used for virtually any purpose. The trick is to use quality videos, that your viewers will enjoy watching, and which are likely to be shared. If you don’t have a video Promotion & production team, consider working with a motion graphics company. We recommend VFX Studios Los Angeles, as they have a lot of experience with animations and special effects, and they work with businesses of all sizes, from big corporations to small, local businesses.

Product video Promotion

These types of video Promotion are a sort of show-and-tell, giving you the opportunity to explain all the details of your products in a simple and entertaining way. They are far more efficient than boring product descriptions and they increase your customers’ trust in your products. You can also use product videos for showing how your products can be used, thus highlighting the value that they can bring to potential customers. Product videos are so efficient because they make your audiences imagine how it would be to own and use your products, thus increasing the chances of sales.

Company video Promotion

If you want to increase brand awareness, build trust and increase the loyalty of your customers, company videos are a great way to do this. These videos include everything from presentation videos to live videos that give your customers the opportunity to see behind the scenes moments. These types of video Promotion are great because they give you the opportunity to share your business vision with your customers and build stronger relationships with them. You can also use company videos for recruitment purposes or to attract investors.


There is no better way to convince potential customers of the value of your products than by letting your already satisfied customers share their own experiences. Sure enough, your audiences can sometimes think that testimonials are staged, but even so, this type of video Promotion show how your products can be used, what advantages they have and what value they bring to actual buyers. Moreover, testimonials show different point of views, so they appeal to a wide range of potential customers.

Website videos

These video Promotion are a quick and effective way of presenting the products or the services that you are offering. Moreover, by having a video on your landing page, you will increase the time that the average visitor spends on your website, and this will do wonders for your SEO strategy. If your visitors spend a lot of time on your website, this signals to search engines that you are providing quality content, and this will increase the chances of having your website displayed in relevant searches.

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