Your Ultimate Guide to Using a VPN for Gaming: 5 Things Everyone Must Know

VPN For Gaming


Video gaming has come a long way from its inception in 1958. Gone are the days of simply following a step-by-step process and “beating” the game. Gaming has become an industry focused on an in-game evolution and player-versus-player competition over the internet. This new technology presents a variety of security concerns and creates a need to have optimal access to fast servers. This is where a VPN becomes a must-have.

VPNs, an acronym for Virtual Private Networks, step in to create encrypted access to websites, including those that host popular online games. Utilizing a VPN can ensure an enjoyable gaming experience in an array of ways.


vpn for gaming


The Modern Gaming Landscape

Originally, people purchased games and played them to fulfill a goal. The revenue from those games was simple – whatever volume a company sold was their revenue stream. Now, games generate an exponential stream of revenue with in-game purchases and add-ons.

The popular game Fortnite Battle Royale, created by Epic Games and released last year, has made over one billion dollars in revenue from in-game purchases. This scenario has inspired many other developers to create new games and is also a clear sign of the rising popularity of online gaming.

With the advent of games like Fortnite that appeal to multiple generations, including very young players, more people gaming online than ever. And it seems that this growth is going to continue well in the future. Naturally, spending so much time online with information going back and forth from your computer to a server or website could leave your system vulnerable. Safety, security, and other benefits can be achieved by using a VPN while gaming.


Guaranteeing Security and Access for Gamers

Cybersecurity should be at the forefront of all our minds when spending any substantial amount of time or money online. Gaming represents a portal that features both of those things.

Fortunately, a tool like a VPN can create a safe environment where you can enjoy gaming stress-free. Here are five things you should know about using a VPN and how it can impact your gaming experience.


1. A VPN Hides Your Location 

Many security breaches occur when gamers provide typically secure information like their IP addresses, often unwittingly. Some online games even display this information to others playing at the same time.

A publicly displayed IP address can leave gamers vulnerable to a variety of attacks, including giving away your physical location. A VPN masks your IP address, preventing other users from tracing your IP to where you are or live.


2. A VPN Protects You from Online Attacks

Another common way those with ill intent may use an IP address is called DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). It slows or completely stops your access to a game by clogging up the server you are utilizing. A VPN makes your IP address appear different than it is, rendering attacks on the “false” IP address and subsequent server useless.

3. A VPN Guarantees Access

A VPN can provide more than a simple security measure. Some games are only accessible from certain countries or regions. A VPN can make it look as if a user is somewhere they are not, providing access to locally restricted games.


4. A VPN Can Get You Back in the Game

In certain instances, a user can be banned from an online gaming server. What happens is that a gamer’s IP address gets banned from the server. Using a VPN to mask your IP address can provide an opportunity for you to reenter the game.


5. A VPN Could Increase Your Connection Speed

Using a VPN that provides you with an IP which seems “closer” to the game server can effectively speed up your gameplay. This is vital in player-versus-player games as any bit of lag can result in your opponent gaining an advantage.



Utilising a VPN is the Way to Go

The growing popularity of online gaming has also created new ways for hackers to take advantage of others. Using a VPN ensures you can enjoy the world of gaming without the worries that come along with it.

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