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Best WebSites Like G2A:

Websites like G2A : G2A is a time spending and earning hub for the gamers and for the people that buy and sell game keys for PC games and other activation codes for the Xbox Live Credit, PSN, and credits codes for other system. G2A is a website which brings the buyers and sellers of Keys of Games for PC together. Its basically a network between the buyers and sellers where they meet and purchase and sell video games and their games on various platforms such as Xbox, Uplay, Steam and  PlayStation. Just to make you sure that G2A do not sell its own games Codes.We have also compiled a list of 10 cool games to play  and 10 Old retro games both kids and adults, in which there are 20 games that we think everyone need to try at least once in your lifetime.

But, many people find G2A site as a scam. Therefore, they demand for some alternatives for G2A. Also, if you are not likely to use G2A then you would also demand for some alternatives for G2A. So, today we are discussing about the best website available in the market and are competing with G2A. You can use any of the website to buy or sell the video game and their cheat codes via the networking website.


Websites like G2A


So, we shall move into the garnered list of the  G2A alternatives to sell and buy PC games and cheat codes.

G2A Alternatives

  1. Cdkeys
  2. GamesDeal
  3. GreenmanGaming
  4. GamesRocket
  5. DLGaming
  6. GamersGate
  7. GmaesPlanet

1. Cdkeys

Websites like G2A-Cdkeys is a website which offers you the network to buy or sell the PC car games online and their cheat codes, initialization codes for different platforms. The website is designed very beautifully and attracts major amount of people in the gamers society towards it due to its quality and quantity of PC games available on the website. If you visit the website as a searcher, for sure you are not going to be disappointed by the website and its services.




This website offers the user a variety of range of PC games, network cards, expansion packs, Xbox live points and subscriptions at a very standard prices. Also, the mode of payment is made easier to carry out, it accepts payment in many different methods which makes the work of the games pretty easier to buy and sell. It notifies the user about the upcoming video games on the website and other packs, etc.

Top CDKeys Deals:

Game NamePlatformOriginal PriceDiscount PriceDeal
Assassins Creed Odyssey PCuplay/pc$ 65.99$ 52.79 Check Deal
Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC + DLCsteam/pc$ 59.39$ 49.99 Check Deal
Monster Hunter world deluxePC$ 79.99 $ 51.59 Check Deal
World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth DLC PC$ 43.99$ 49.99 Check Deal
F1 2018
Headline Edition
PC$ 59.39$ 31.69 Check Deal
PES 2019 Legend
Steam/pc$ 85.79$ 60.69 Check Deal
3 Month Xbox Live Gold Xbox One$ 19.99$ 13.19 Check Deal
FIFA 19 PC (Most trending)

PC$ 72.39$ 52.64 Check Deal

Also Get More Deals from CDkeys.

Check Website


2. GamesDeal

Websites like G2A-GamesDeal is another very effective and efficient network providing the user the service of selling and buying PC Games, network cards, expansion packs, Xbox live points and subscriptions at very comparable prices to CDkeys . This website also enables quick access to the games activation codes, cheat codes, PSN codes, Xbox Live credits and time cards. It was featured on other tech blogs too. Gamers have the option to download online video games from platforms like Uplay, PSN, Origin and Steam. You can create your account and can save the favorite and your wish list of the PC games that you wish to buy. The website is very structured all the types of games are separated properly.


 Get More Deals from GamesDeal.

Check Website

3. Greenman Gaming

Websites like G2A-GreenmanGaming is rated as best alternative for G2A website by many bloggers and experts cause’ it provides PC games, console games and also the Mac games. It offers games in gaining promotional codes and CD steam keys and other PC games keys at very cheap rates. Gamers are attracted towards this website due to rewards provided by this website to improve experience of the user.

It offers the games for Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, Mac and PC, along with their keys and initialization codes and other cheat codes. This website is also very structured with provides the user to search or sort perfectly according to his or her choice. There are many hot deals always running on the website which attracts many people towards it.


Greenman gmaing - websites like G2A

More Deals from GamesRocket.

Check Website


4. GamesRocket

Websites like G2A-Gamesrocket is one the best alternatives for G2A website which allows you to freely sell and buy the PC games, network cards, expansion packs, Xbox live points and subscriptions at a very low prices as compared to other websites. It allows the users to create an account and save their choices for future or add the latest PC games to your cart. The best part of the website is structure of the website which allows the players to search according to the genres and other filters available on the website. Also, all the PC games are available for download after the purchase. This website provides not only the PC games but also the Console games, Mac games, and the tremendous role-playing games.




Get More Deals from GamesRocket.

Check Website


5. DLGaming

Websites like G2A-DLgaming  is another very effective alternative for G2A website. It provides the Games in different genres and you can search for the games by applying multiple filters. This website provides a regular update of upcoming PC games, console games, adventure, roleplaying, sports, stimulation, strategy, action and Mac games. You can visit the website for a wide range of PC, Mac, Linux games. Gamers can create their account and can access their best PC games and other things at some clicks only.

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dl gaming

6. GamersGate

Websites like G2A-GamersGate was used to be one the best alternatives for G2A but now it has been on downfall and the website is temporally stopped by the developers and the domain is available for sale.Its an Leading distribution platform for PC and Mac Games creating easily accessible gaming experience for gamers worldwide ,anytime,anywhere.


gamers gate

7. GamesPlanet

Websites like G2A-Gamesplanet is another one of the best alternative available on internet of G2A website. It offers a variety of genres to find games for such as PC games, console games, adventure, roleplaying, sports, stimulation, strategy, action and Mac games.

Note:All the latest PC games are available at the earliest on this website which attracts a variety of people towards this website.



Gamer’s Choice

As mentioned earlier all these G2A Alternatives are extremely good and you can easily buy all your liked games without any hesitation. But if you have to go with the one, I recommend you go with CdKey as it is highly secure and not just that, it is easy to buy and very convenient as well. You can also say it is the best G2A Alternative site or Buy sell gaming keys sites for you. 

Final words

Just to make you sure that G2A do not sell its own games Codes -Websites like G2A .There are other websites too available in the market of internet that play the role of alternatives of G2A, but the mentioned above websites are tested properly at the latest time. Visit any of the website and enjoy the buying and selling of the PC games, Xbox Live,Steam codes and other Playstation games for your kids.Play all your Favorite games in best Gaming Monitor 2018  with your girl friend. If you are looking for Best offline games for your smartphones then get here, free android offline games. We have also compiled a list of 10 cool games to play and 10 Old retro games for both kids and adults, in which there are 20 games that we think everyone need to try at least once in your lifetime.


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