Best Tips to Keep Your Home Computer Safe and Secure

What is Computer Security?


Most asked question in Internet market is what is computer security ? PC security isn’t considered seriously until an issue emerges, and a breach in security can destroy the system firewall.These potentially harmful threats can result in few inevitable changes on your computer.Computer security means guarding your system and information against theft, damage and unauthorized access.


The security measures related to PC addresses few significant threats.

  • Theft of Data:

    Stealing critical personal data like name, mobile number, etc. resulting in identity theft.

  • Online Frauds:

    Using phishing emails to earn illegal money.

  • Damage:

    Data damage by a computer virus.

  • Invasion of privacy:

    Unauthorized access to personal and financial data by hackers.

The most basic means of guarding your system against PC virus is responsible online behavior.Using passwords, keeping a regular backup, installing system security programs are few of the commonly used measures that ensure computer security.With an increased number of cyber security breaches, computer security has become progressively important these days.Some of the most seen cases of virus attack include annoying ads filling your computer screen, hackers demanding a ransom to decrypt data, redirects to shady and unknown sites.


what is computer security


A compromised PC can be used for carrying out various disturbing activities:

  1. Sending phishing email.
  2. Restrict access to data stored on your computer.
  3. Distribute virus to other computer systems.
  4. Steal passwords and share with third-party agencies.
  5. Illegally distribute music and movie links along with porn content.
  6. Hide programs that launch an attack on other PC.

How necessary are firewall and antivirus software’s?

The connection of computer systems over online network has inevitably broadened the importance of computer security (what is computer security). Running a system without anti-virus and firewall is exceptionally foolish.All computer system connected to the internet should have a firewall. It regulates, permits and blocks the network communication a PC should receive based on its source.However, system Firewall provides little value nowadays as end users initiate most of the PC threats.

AntiVirus Software

Antivirus software, on the other hand, is developed to protect the computer from malicious malware like adware, virus, Ransomware, etc. Detect and destroy all possible threats to your system.The importance of anti-virus and Adware Removal Tool cannot be underestimated.The Internet is full of harmful PC threats which can cause havoc and steal critical information stored in your data. Not having an antivirus is like inviting unwanted guests.

In addition to antivirus module, user’s common-sense and watchfulness is crucial for security against internet related system vulnerabilities.

The Significance of Users Vigilance:

Computer security is more than just an IT problem. As computer users, it is essential for us to understand how to keep our data secure and safe.Good computing security practices should be made a part of our daily routine.

Let’s here take a close look at few steps that can help to protect your computer and personal data.

Update your Software:

Outdated and expired versions leverages your system vulnerabilities, making it easier for the hackers to break in.Keeping your software updated with the latest version will ensure protection against all latest threats.

Protect your personal details:

Cyber criminals can use all sought of deceptive techniques to get access to your personal data including your bank details, credit card number, login credentials, etc.Do not fall prey to phishing sites and attractive ads. Hackers will do anything to appear genuine, think before you share your essential details online.

Backup your files:

No computer is completely safe. Keep a backup of your necessary files and data on the portable drive or cloud services.

Be Selective:

Be thoughtful before you download software’s online. Ensure that you rely only on reliable and trustworthy sites for all your downloading requirements.

Perform Regular Scan:

At times, PC threats skip the active security modules and infects a computer system. Running complete system scan on a regular basis will remove all odds from your computer.

Surf Smart:

Careless surfing can result in a compromised PC. Be entirely sure of all your online actions, the links you use, email that you access and all downloads that you do. Act smart for safe surfing.

No system is entirely secure. For most of the users, computer security includes analyzing points carefully:

  1. How can I protect my data?
  2. How I prevent hackers from accessing my key information?
  3. How can I prevent virus attack?
  4. what is computer security?

The most straightforward answer to these questions lies in the type of websites you visit, where you are entering your information, which links you are clicking on and what you are downloading.

Stay attentive to all your actions, following simple precautionary and protection steps will keep your system safe and secure.Be responsible and do everything in your power to make sure that your computer remains secure all the time.


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