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Importance of Promo Codes 

[Texthori]Promo Codes, discounts, offers are something we seek every time while purchasing any product so that we can save more. But have we really given a thought about what is promo codes and why they are so much popular in marketing? Well, the answer needs a deep marketing research.

Promo codes are the key factor for influencing your brand among the customers thereby increasing sales. This is one of the best strategies to cater to your customer needs at a discounted price and built their trust strongly with your brand.

What is promo codes

Promo codes are the combination of alphanumeric characters mostly used in online business to motivate customers in purchasing the products of the respective brands through their website.

The phrase what is promo codes focuses on certain key factors.

a) Increasing sales of the website products is the first factor justifying the definition of what is promo codes

b) Delivering good quality products at discounted prices, encouraging customer’s savings is the second factor that explains the definition of what is promo codes

c) Building and maintaining trust with the customers is the third factor defining the term what is promo codes

d) Being a hero influencing the customers to come for more is the fourth factor clarifying the definition of what is promo codes

These promo codes or coupon codes  are mainly wrapped within the most accessed website URLs by the customers. It is basically a technique used by the marketers to promote their products more among the audience as more there will be offers and discounts, more the customers will be encouraged and become a fan of that particular brand.


what is promo codes


Types of promo codes

After we have got an idea about what is promo codes, let’s have a look at the different types of Promo Codes used by the Brand Influencers. There are mainly three types of promo codes used for marketing and they are:-

1.  Public Codes

These promo codes are displayed publicly so that the new consumers who are not aware of a particular brand or website get attracted and check out the different products available on the website. It also acts as a motivational factor for the old consumers to make their trust stronger so that they look for more.


2. Private Codes

These promo codes are applicable for the old and loyal customers who are already a fan of the website by offering them special discounts and also for the first time buyers so that they are encouraged and come back quickly to shop for more.


3. Restricted Codes

These promo codes are applicable only to specific customers on the basis of their list of purchased items from the website. It may be as a Thanksgiving offer or due to their bulk purchase from the website.


Why Merchants offer promo codes

Merchants are so much fond of promo codes because it is one of the effective measures that help them track the web traffic and response rate of the customers in various platforms. These promo codes help the marketing owners to measure the outcome of their efforts through advertisements and marketing campaigns. The merchants justify the definition of what is promo codes by advertising it on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest uniquely using different codes for the same discount. The unique codes increase the chances of visibility by customers if they miss the same offer given through mail, sms, or if they don’t follow it immediately even after viewing. Not only this, it also helps the merchants calculate the ROI.

One of the biggest examples of online retailers using the promo codes effectively for their high-quality products is the iherb promo code Canada. If you visit their website you will get to see the exclusive offers and discount coupons appropriately available for different products catering to the saving standards of their audience. It is offering 10% additional discount to iherb promo code summing it up to a total of 20% discount.


How to use promo codes

The usage of promo codes should be done keeping in mind about the minimum threshold rate of your business. You cannot offer promo codes to the customers if you threshold amount is not met as it will suffer you the biggest loss in business.

While you are advertising your promo codes  before validating it check if your business terms and conditions are satisfied with the offer given in the promo code. For example, if a customer makes a total purchase of $700 and you are giving them an offer of 30% off, make the settings in a way that the customer has to reach a minimum amount to avail the discount so that you can have profit along with selling the product at a discounted price. You can also opt for multiple discounts or restrict users from having more than one discount based on the number of sales.


Final Words

The following above measures clearly explain the usage of promo codes, their applications, types adhering to the real meaning of what is promo code. Promo codes are the must required strategy in today’s online business to help it flourish and attract a wide range of audience across the world.

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