What Should Be on the Ultimate Travel Checklist for 2021?

It’s 2021 and the travel bug has been biting hard for over a year now. As countries move closer to opening up to international travelers, many of us are doing our best to stay home in order to prioritize safety efforts around the globe.

But hope for the travel industry is increasing. It could be just a few more weeks or months before we can finally hop onto a plane again.

With some of the world planning to reopen, vacationers and digital nomads alike can start making plans. But you may need to revisit a travel checklist to learn how to pack and prepare for a trip since it’s been so long.

Keep reading for the travel necessities you need for a successful trip in 2021, as well as what to bring if you are still lucky enough to be working remotely.

International Travel Checklist

While some US states were closed to visitors during the height of the pandemic, most have been open to inter-American travelers. This means that many people have been visiting American’s great outdoor destinations, such as National Parks and states like Florida.

And while that’s fun and all, many of us diehard travelers are just passing time until we can get another stamp in our passport, experiencing new countries and new cultures.

For those planning an international trip in 2021, here’s what you’ll want to bring along.


Of course, you’ll want to have your passport. Make sure that you have at least six months left before it expires. If not, schedule a passport renewal as soon as possible.

You’ll also want to make sure your driver’s license or identification card has been upgraded to Real ID. Starting in October 2021, this more secure form of ID card will be required for things such as travel. Many people already have these. But if you don’t, visit your state’s website to learn how you can get one right away.

And of course, no checklist would be complete without mentioning COVID test results or proof of vaccination. Since each country has different requirements, make sure to understand what will be required of you for the place you plan to travel to.


There are a few things you’ll want to have to ensure you and your belongings stay safe while traveling abroad, or even while traveling to touristy places in the US, such as New York City.

A money belt is a simple way to secure your cash and credit cards to your body, preventing them from being stolen by pickpocketers. You can also choose a backpack or purse that utilizes anti-theft straps or zippers, to prevent people from opening your bag without you realizing it.

Travel Packing Checklist

Now that you’ve got some of the important, albeit boring stuff out of the way, it’s time to pack the stuff you’ll use on a daily basis while traveling. Here are the basic items, work-related items, tech items, and others that will make for an enjoyable trip abroad.

Basic Travel Checklist

The most important item you bring is your bag. The type of bag you choose will determine your travel style and mobility. A wheeled bag allows you to bring more, while a backpack allows you to move around easier.

Using packing cubes allows you to keep your bag organized and easy to find items on the go. Packing a small, light, or foldable daypack is also a good idea for short day trips while leaving the bulk of your gear in your room.

Your bag will be mostly full of the basics. This includes enough clothing to get through three to five days at a time. Make sure to pack extra socks and underwear.

Choose clothing fabric that is travel-friendly, meaning that it doesn’t wrinkle and is anti-microbial. This means you can wear it for multiple days before it starts to smell. Merino wool is a favorite among veteran travelers.

Don’t forget a rain jacket, a warm layer, headwear, sunglasses, and swimming attire. It helps to have a nicer outfit as well, in case you plan to attend any events or try out some fine dining.

Make sure your toiletry kit is outfitted with your favorite personal items, medications, and first aid essentials. While you can find comparable items in stores around the world, they might not be perfect. Plus, you’ll have to waste precious time shopping when you could be out having new experiences. 

Digital Nomad Checklist

As a result of the pandemic, millions of people switched over to working remotely. While many have gone back to the office, many who were once cubicle-bound are still free to work remotely.

Those who travel while working are often referred to as digital nomads. The most important item you’ll need when working on the go is a reliable computer.

Most remote workers choose a laptop since it’s easy to take around everywhere, from your hotel to the coffee shop, the airport to the train, and everywhere in between.

But if you don’t plan on moving around a lot while you travel, you might not need a laptop. If you plan to stay put, such as at a hotel, vacation rental, or working from a coworking space, you can try out the Mac Mini.

Countless digital nomads rely on Mac laptops to manage their jobs or business while traveling abroad. But those who want a solid work-from-home computer, and something they can take to a new destination, may find a Mac Mini with an external monitor to be a great option.

Is the Mac Mini worth it? If you value powerful processors with a massive amount of storage, then yes, you should pick one up.

On top of a computer, working remotely is made easier with a convenient daypack, allowing you to take your computer setup wherever you plan to work from that day. A dedicated tech pouch can store all of your travel technology, such as charging cables, computer mouse, earbuds, stylus, and other nicknacks.

Noise-canceling headphones can help you concentrate in public places. And don’t forget an external hard drive if you do a lot of photography, video editing, or design work.

Check Off That Travel Checklist and Set Out

Nothing is more exciting than watching your trip get closer and closer. If you are the prepared type, then you probably have your bag packed days or even weeks before your trip.

If not, then you might be looking at this travel checklist just hours before heading to the airport. While it pays to be prepared, it’s important not to stress. Anything you forget can likely be obtained at your destination, so don’t freak out.

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