25 Tips to keep safe your Kids from misusing of WhatsApp

Whatsapp safety tips for Kids

Nowadays it is hard to keep safe your younger family members from misusing of WhatsApp. The children of most of the family are now getting more scope of using Smartphone, computer, tabs, etc.

Many of them addicted to the social media chat or others. But it is harmful to them. In this case, you have to try to keep your child away from the misusing of social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook.

For this, you can follow some tips to keep your younger family members and kids away from the misuse of whatsapp.

whatsapp safety tips

whatsapp safety tips

Before that, You must aware about the basic whatsapp safety tips from getting trouble. 

Whatsapp Safety Tips from begin Hacked

Bellow are some Basic Whatsapp tips to maintain your  whatsapp account safe and secure.

1. Stop Using WiFi 

Use Whatsapp Only with Your Mobile Data or with Private WiFi Connection. Don’t Ever open your Whatsapp with Public unsecured free WiFi Connections. Its lead to Breach your Whatsapp Account.

2. Don’t Backup Your Chat in Whatsapp

Most of us will use Cloud Storage to backup our personal media Files, Of course Google Drive! It will store your files in cloud and lead us anytime to retrieve it any other device. Like wise Whatsapp Will offer you to backup chat history in whatsapp Server.

Don’t Ever do it, trust me! Whatsapp may say, All our messages are encrypted, But its not.

3. Two step Verification

Enable two Step Authentications in Whatsapp. Verify your Whatsapp account with Both Pin and Mail Id.

Click the 3 dots in top right corner then Click settings and open Account, Two step verification and enable it.

It will ask you to enter 6 digit Pin twice and your Mail ID.

4. Logout Web Version

Whatsapp web version is not popular among all, If you are an IT employee, You are not allowed to use your mobile inside your office, Then you must aware about the Whats Web.

Always logout the web version when you are not using it.

5. Hide your DP

Hide your Profile Picture, Status, and About info for Unknown Contacts. If you are an girl!  then I guess you already done it.
Again Click the 3 Dots on Top Right corner, Click Settings and Privacy then open Profile Photo and Choose your Option.

6. Financial Data

Stop Sharing Financial data like account number, credit card details, OTP,  & passwords in whatsapp to anyone including your beloved ones.

7. Deactivate your Whatsapp

In case you lost your phone, then deactivate your whatsapp account using Web version or Sign in your whatsapp account in new device, this will automatically logout your account from your old device.

8. Watch your words

I know we all love gossips, But sharing un trusted gossips are news in whatsapp will sound your account to get watched by hackers as well as cyber crimes.

So, stop sharing unwanted news in Whatsapp.

9. Whatsapp Mod

40% of Whatsapp users will use modded version! GP whatsapp, Yo whatsapp are some famous mods of Whatsapp. This Will offer Colorful themes, Don’t get Fancied by those themes.

Use only official Whatsapp version which was available in App store or Play store.

10. Turn Off Notifications

Turn off Notification popups when your phone is locked. This will keep stay your personal messages always personals.

Open Settings, Click Notifications, Popup Notification and Choose “Only when screen on”. Choose for both messages, Group messages and Calls.

11. Turn off Last Seen

Turn Off Last seen status for unknown Contacts. Open settings, Click Privacy then Last seen and choose my contacts.

12. Keep security Notification On

Turn Your Whatsapp Security Notification ON.

This will allow you get notified when your contact’s security code is changed or even your calls and Messages are encrypted by third parties.

Head to Settings, open Account, click security and enable “show security Notifications”.

13. Watch your words

Watch your words in whatsapp chat, You may get shocked by seeing various products in your Facebook wall which was discussed by you personally with your friends or family before a day.

Facebook always use whatsapp to spy your personal every day needs.

14. Never trust any Unknown Giveaways:

Giveaways, The most recent scamming methods handled by hackers, Never open any kind of Giveaways that saying “Win IPhone 10S” or some other fancy Offers that you received on your Whatsapp.

Ask yourself! No one will give anything for free.

15. Stay Away from Links

Don’t click any links received from unknown numbers or groups, Don’t Get fooled by those, Whatsapp and Gmail was top Source to gather your Personal and Financial Data, Stay away from links.

I Hope you Like my safety Tips, Now see some Safety tips which will help to keep your kids from misusing of whatsapp.

Tips to keeping safe your Kids from misusing of WhatsApp

You can follow the tips below to keep safe your younger family members from misusing of WhatsApp.

1. Know all about WhatsApp and other social media

As a guardian, you must know about all the popular social media. It helps you to know the merits and demerits of them. WhatsApp is now one of the most popular apps that are used to communicate with dear and near one. If you know all about this app, you can realise how much your younger can use it. So, at first, know about it.

2. You can set up age limit of the child before starting WhatsApp

When you allow your child to use WhatsApp, you should see the minimum age limit it requires. Then set the age limit according to it. Most of the social apps have the age limit of 13 years to create the account. Besides, this age limit requires the permission of the parents. It is according to the COPPA that means Children’s online protection Act.

3. Check the privacy settings of the account of your child  

When your child starts a WhatsApp account, you should alert about the privacy settings of this account. You should update the privacy setting because all the social media continuously add some security features to provide the maximum protection of the account.

4. Give times to the younger members

Nowadays, most of the parents are busy with their work. They do not give enough time to the children. For this reason, many of them are getting addicted to social media sites such as WhatsApp. They are now giving more time in the virtual world. It is awful for their mental and physical health. If you regularly give enough time to the younger members of the family, they will enjoy it and do not like to spend time on WhatsApp.

5. Keep the profile of your child private

WhatsApp has to option of privacy settings. You should keep the privacy of the account of your child private. By this, only the friends of your child could see the profile details. Besides, if you keep the content private, people cannot misuse it.

6. Teach your child to avoid adding personal details

It is very important tips. Do not add personal details such as phone number, address. Besides, do not share this information with the unknown people on WhatsApp. You should teach your child how it can harm them.

7. Teach them to avoid posting or sharing photos

Though it is fun to post or share videos with friends on WhatsApp. But anyone can use them in the wrong way. It can provide users with a long-lasting consequence. So, it is better to talk to the kids to make them understand that posting photos and videos are not positive all the time.

8. Use a spy app such as WhatsApp Sniffer to secure the WhatsApp

Application off WhatsApp security such as WhatsApp Sniffer can help you to ensure the security of your child’s WhatsApp account. It is the application that notifies you when anyone spying your account.

9. Never allow your child to accept the friend request of unknown people

Many unknown people can knock your child to accept the friend requests. They can steal personal information and can cause harm in many ways. Accepting only known people like friends is good.

10. Bonus tips : Set a guideline to use the WhatsApp

Making a rule to use the WhatsApp from the first time can prevent the misuse of this app of your child. You can discuss it with your baby and then set some rules and keep them safe.

Beware Of your Kids  with our whatsapp safety tips

Always give more time to your child and communicate with them freely. Misuse of WhatsApp can run them in the wrong way. So, you should be conscious of keeping safe your younger family members from misusing of WhatsApp.

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