How to Take the Most Out Of Your Workouts With Workout Planner Apps

Workout Planner Apps

If you’re anything like me, you know how the big workout decisions usually turn out. First, you decide you need to work out and after a couple of days, you do your first one. You stick to the plan often compromising depending your free time and after a couple of weeks, you simply stop. It’s too early to see results and with zero feedback there’s absolutely no motivation to keep on going. You know you did some stretches, pushups and so on, but other than that, you have no idea.

This made me start thinking of a way to better plan workouts to see where it’s going, so I started browsing for possible workout planner apps to help me out. I asked a friend who exercises regularly and he suggested an app called 8fit. After browsing the internet to find out more about it, I stumbled upon a top 10 list that offered a lot more workout planner apps for me to choose, which was quite nice. Here’s the list if you want to check it out.

Best 10 Workout Planning Apps by AppGrooves

workout planner apps


3 Top Workout Planner APP Which Take the Most Out Of Your Workouts Plan

Check my top 3 list of best workout planner apps from that 10 ,

3 Top Workout Planner Apps

1. 8 Fit

2. Gym Workout Tracker

3. Daily Workouts

1. 8fit - Food & Workout Planner Apps

From the moment I downloaded 8fit I could see why my friend likes this one. Workouts are nicely organised so you find what suits you the best and most of them don’t require equipment. Plus, as he has a strict diet, the recipe library is a great way to find new healthy meals.  But I’m a more casual person, I’m only looking for something to stay in minimum shape. And although the app provides exercises for beginners and advanced, most of the features I didn’t need. But, if you’re like my friend to whom exercise is an active hobby rather than just daily must, you’ll probably like 8fit and you’ll use 100% of features the app provides. Overall, I found this one to be a great workout app.

I know some people like to take their exercising to the crowd, meaning to join workout communities and discuss their progress. 8fit doesn’t offer that, so if you want to add social to your workout, you’ll have to find another one. But, it’s not a big deal as I’m guessing you’re here for exercising first and chatting later.


2. Gym Workout Tracker - Grow & Contribute

First, let me say I find it extremely fitting that the app has Gym in its name as the app does feel like a virtual gym. The first thing I tried out with this one was the exercise videos. I like to imagine them as the coach who tells you how to do each exercise correctly. I got to say, videos are well shot and most of them aren’t here just for the “eye-candy”, but to visually show how to do each exercise correctly.

I’m trying to build my stomach muscles and I found the pre-programmed lessons for that muscle area to be extremely helpful. Another great thing is you can create your own routines and share with people. Naturally, I didn’t have the guts to do that as I’m an exercise newbie. But I can see how more experienced people would love this. Finally, the simple tracker is the great way to stay in touch with your progress.

I didn’t really find any hiccups with this one. But after reading the reviews, some people reported that switching between iOS and Android doesn’t work. So if you’ve been using the app for quite some time and need to switch phones, keep that in mind. You don’t want to lose your progress.


3. Daily Workouts - For The Regular Joes

Finally, Daily Workouts is the app I personally liked the best. Keep in mind it’s not because it’s objectively better, but because it suits my needs. Video lessons are snappy and easy to follow and it provides you the preview before the exercise starts so you know what you have to do. Some other workout planner apps I tried just throw you right into the fire without telling you what you’re going to do. But this one tries to be as effective as possible. Plus, it’s quite simple. You just tap what muscles you want to build and that’s it. You can also customize the length if you feel the need for a bigger challenge.

This one is great for casuals and it looks like it was designed for that group of people. So I was a bit surprised when I realised there are no pre-designed workouts. The app picks routines randomly for the area you pick and that’s it. Although I found it to be a great way to stay in shape, for people who have no knowledge, some extra information would be extremely helpful.


Final words

As I said, I’ve been working out for the last month and these 3 workout planner apps help me with what I needed the most. I’m still motivated and knowing where I’m going, I have a better idea of my fitness goal with each day. So definitely try the apps out if you need the same thing. If you have other apps to recommend, do let me know.

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