Yoga roots: Breathe yoga reduces stress effectively

Breathe yoga and variations from yoga roots have become popular exercise routines, known for reducing stress while stretching and toning the body. Breathe yoga reduces stress by working on several different levels – physical, of course, but also mental, emotional, and even spiritual – to calm the body and mind. The result is significant stress reduction and better overall health.

Breathe Yoga Works to Regain Physical Health

Obviously, there is a very physical aspect to the practice of breathe yoga, which is part of what makes it such an appealing workout. During breathe yoga, participants practice certain poses which stretch the muscles and make joints more limber. A good stretch is relaxing to most people, so breathe yoga, which focuses on stretching every part of the body, naturally constitutes physical relaxation.

However, breathe yoga goes beyond basic stretching to stretch and limber the body in specific ways. Many of the poses associated with breathe yoga actually compress some part of the body, which restricts blood flow to that area. When the pose is relaxed, fresh blood rushes to the deprived area to re-oxygenate it. The result of performing yoga regularly is a greater ability to process oxygen and therefore a greater percentage of oxygen in the blood. This promotes overall health, helping with stress reduction.

Hot yoga, which is a variation on yoga roots, is yoga performed in a room which has been heated to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat helps muscles to stretch further and also causes more sweating. It has been suggested that the sweating, along with the oxygenation process, helps to eliminate – literally “sweat out” – impurities in the body, which further helps to reduce stress.

Yoga Roots Works Mentally and Emotionally

A very important part of the yoga discipline focuses on calming meditation, along with mental and emotional discipline. With yoga comes the ability to calm the mind and, to some extent, control it. When this practice is applied to life outside the studio, it can help with stress reduction in daily life.

As mentioned before, regular yoga reduces stress physically by oxygenating the blood more efficiently and removing impurities from the bloodstream. This process also works on a mental and emotional level, since cleaner blood which carries more oxygen better nourishes the brain. The result is clearer thinking and reasoning, which reduces frustration and stress.

Yoga Roots Works Spiritually

Many people who practice this ancient art of stretching, exercise and mental focus consider it a spiritual experience. Yoga originated in India and is connected to several different religions: Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. In all of these religions, breathe yoga is practiced to achieve physical and mental discipline. Some believe that mastering yoga roots is a path to discover a higher state of being, thus making it an intensely spiritual activity.

Participants, especially those who are disciples of a religion to which it relates, may find that the spiritual aspect of the activity reduces stress by allowing for meditation and self-discovery, mentally and physically.

The practice of breathe yoga has gained prominence as a great way to relieve stress by practicing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Find Psychological Motivation

Finding the psychological motivation to exercise is as simple as reminding yourself daily why you want to get healthy and stay motivated – and what the exercise benefits are. Maybe you want to reach your healthy weight; maybe you’re recuperating from surgery or a frightening diagnosis. Whatever your reason for getting healthy, here’s some research to help you stay motivated.

Psychological motivation is powerful stuff!

In the April 2007 issue of O magazine, Oprah revealed the secret to being healthy, happy, and wise: exercise. The idea that exercise benefits are huge isn’t earth-shattering news. We know how important exercise is to our minds, hearts, and souls – but we don’t know how to start a healthy lifestyle or stay motivated once we get healthy. This is why psychological motivation is key to not just knowing the benefits of exercise, but living it in our daily lives.

The following list of exercise benefits can act as psychological motivation to jog around the block, go to Yoga, or hike up a nearby mountain. Knowing exactly how exercise helps you stick to a healthy diet and improves your life may be the secret to staying motivated.

Note: these exercise benefits aren’t taken directly from Oprah’s list of reasons to exercise, but they do provide psychological motivation.

The benefits of exercise:

Sleep better & reduce fatigue. A healthy lifestyle wards off insomnia and helps you sleep better. Once you get going, exercise gives you more energy and makes you feel less sleepy.

Improve your psyche. Not only can exercise lift depression, it also helps in the treatment of schizophrenia, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and psychosomatic disorders. If this isn’t psychological motivation, what is?

Feel less anxious. Your sense of well-being and feeling good is enhanced. Personal tension and stress are eased by exercise; you can burn off feelings of anxiety, frustration, and anger by running, rowing, or romping through the forest.

Reduce risk of cancer and other diseases. Exercise benefits include increasing heart health and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, breast cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. Your chances of developing colon cancer decrease by almost 50% when you exercise regularly.

Prevent dementia-like illnesses. Your mental activity is sustained with exercise: a six month exercise program can reverse the loss of brain tissue. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia become a little less risky, and mental processes are improved. Definitely some psychological motivation here!

Improve your sex life. Vaginal response, self-esteem, self-confidence and body awareness are increased with exercise. More psychological motivation.

Lose weight. Exercise burns calories, builds up your muscle and bone density, and boosts your metabolism. It’s hard to lose weight – and here’s why.

Look great. No matter how much you weigh, regular exercise improves your appearance by giving you that healthy glow, bright eyes, and a happier disposition. You’ll look and feel gorgeous; who could ask for better psychological motivation?

Live longer. A healthy lifestyle can increase your life span by almost four years – and they’ll be good ones if you’re active and strong. Exercise slows the effects of aging.

Strengthen your relationships. When you work out, do yoga, or walk with your family and friends you’ll get to know them better and strengthen your bonds. If you’re gonna live longer, you might as well be loved! Perhaps this is the strongest psychological motivation of all.

Psychological motivation will go a long way in keeping you motivated. Check this list of exercise benefits daily, until you know them off by heart…and then wild horses couldn’t keep you away from your daily run, walk, or yoga class! That is how powerful psychological motivation can be to make exercise benefits real.


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